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What motorcycle did you see today? Post your observations.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Warnsey, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. G'day guys, Thought a good idea for a thread might be to post what nice/'of interest' motorcycles we saw that day.

    I'll kick it off, today I was riding behind a new 2009 Yamaha VMAX for a few minutes down near Tharwa. Awesome brute of a machine.

  2. I was in my truck behind a Guzzi...

    Not sure on the model or year, but it looked like a Stone.

    Damn it sounded horn... :)
  3. yesterday I saw a Ducati Desmosedici parked on the side of the south eastern freeway near warrigul rd - it was with a couple other bikes but I didn't see what they were as I was too busy doing the double take look/stare to confirm it was a desmosedici
  4. I saw my bike in the garage
  5. Saw a trike the other day, but it had two wheels on the front and one on the rear. I have no idea what it was. Looked retarded.
  6. Spyder perhaps.... Can't say I'm a big fan. Each to their own though.

  7. If I had your bike i'd be happy every time I saw it to :grin:
  8. I saw some noob on a ZX12R struggling to keep up with some of his mates on litre sports bikes. Looked like he was going to crash on every corner. :eek:
  9. i saw a lot out n about today :LOL:

    the one that stood out was a beema k1200s... i didnt realise their front was so big :eek:
  10. I saw 24 bikes of all shapes and sizes on a nice ride down through Berry and up to the Cambewarra Lookout. Probably the most interesting was a brand new Street Triple, in gleaming black.
  11. Blue BMX at the shops parked next to a greenish blue mountain bike.
  12. I ride a ZRX1200R you douche - it's not a ZX12R! In other news, I saw blaringmike riding this:

  13. Your right, I was on that, and you still couldn't keep up :LOL:
  14. I couldn't pass because you were so erratic. I understand it would've been hard to steer whilst sitting on that old guy's lap.
  15. plenty-o-squids, but who can blame them, i was dying in my leathers.

    plenty of old guys bringing out their big tourers

    and a group of bikes on william hovel about 3-4 of them
  16. The dog-power was too much for the tyres. Kept bagging them up. Anyway you would of only seen us for the first couple of corners before we disappeared over the horizon.
  17. :LOL:

    i saw probably over 100 bikes today. from all the usual types to plenty of harleys, trikes, an Indian, a cop bike going the other way who looked rather interested in out current speed :LOL:
    went through gembrook and surrounds, out past warburton up the reefton and black spurs, then up chum creek through kinglake, up to yea, then back down and out to st andrews, and down through warrandyte/wonga park.

    i tagged on with a group of guys i met at the Rowville servo, hi to the Toyota fellas if you ever read this :grin: good bunch of guys.
  18. I saw a red Commodore ute driving on the wrong side of the road on the Lancefield - Tooborac road. Arsehole.
  19. on the run down the pass and back plus rides throught the backroads here, it was more a case of what make bike didnt i see, i can definitely tick harleys, r1's, er6f kawasaki, a few ducatis, a hyosung, a hayabusa, robertson pie shop is bike p0rn :LOL:, i even saw my bike when going through town slow enough to look in the shop windows :p
  20. Today I only saw my bike :) But over the weekend I was down your way hornet, took the kids to Jamberoo and stayed overnight at the Jamberoo pub then came home via Berry, Kangaroo Valley and the Fitzroy Falls. Saw quite a few Harleys at the pub, it seems to be a popular place for them to stop. At Berry I saw a row of scooters parked outside a cafe :) Plenty of bikes around there and at Fitzroy Falls, but being a real noob I didn't know what most of them were. I got close enough to one to see it was a Triumph (very nice!), there was also a Yamaha V-Star, the obligatory Harleys, and some of the scooters were Vespas, but apart from that couldn't name the others.