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"What motorbike, I don't see any motorbike?"

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by thermal, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. The following is not a near miss, but is most certainly a vent.

    So today was one of the few days in a month where I had no choice but to take the cage out for a spin. Needed to go pick up some stuff for work and drop it off somewhere. I usually park my bike on the footpath next to the passenger door of my car and on the rare occasion that I'm out in the car for more than a day, I'll roll the bike out the back of my place off the street.

    Today, as I was only going to be gone a couple of hours, I decided to move my car forward and put my bike on the street where the car usually goes. I decided that it would be a bit more considerate than leaving it there in the way, in case someone parked where I was (the side effect also being I would I have my car spot back when I returned).

    Well, ladies and gents, it seems I am not the smartest person in the world. The driver of the following white mercedes clearly has wisdom far surpassing my years.

    Thus, I present to you the "What motorbike, I don't see any motorbike?" trio of photos.

    This is the view as I was driving down the street thinking "Are you ****ing serious!?"


    The rear view.


    The "Holy crap, they really did it" view.


    For those wondering, yes that is a note on the windscreen. It read "Next time I'll call the council and they can come give you a fine."

    The funny thing was just as I was parking the bike there I thought "I wonder if I'm sticking out enough" and then dismissed it as I thought I was sticking out plenty...

  2. [-(
    I suppose some people can't help it if their parents are brothers and sisters...
  3. should have replaced the hood ornament with the note.

    edit, or taped a picture of a cock on there.
  4. +1 for scalping the hood ornament
    what a tool!
  5. Yeah look, I wanted to kick in some windows. But given this is right in front of my house, I thought better of it.
  6. Did you then move your bike just so they looked like they'd done an extra-retarded job of parking?

    For the record, I'll rarely park on the road, and when I do, I definitely make sure the bike sticks out further.
  7. what a f*ucking idiot!
  8. Haha nah, I decided that the chances of two dickheads doing the same thing in a row was unlikely and considering my street was unusually busy I thought I'd just check until they'd gone and put my car there (which I have now done).

    And yeah, next time that thing is going perpendicular.
  9. And these dicks drive on the road ..... With us ""
  10. actions speak louder than words.
    and that required violence.
    you have NO mirror to show us.
    you have NO mercedes hood ornament.
    you are pathetic !
    you are a disgrace to our tribe !

    since when in the history of earth does a white mercedes get to do that to big black motorcycle.
    you make me sick!
  11. Please accept my apologies. Next time I will come back with trophies.
  12. ok, sorry i was a bit harsh
    also sorry i was'nt there to inspire and aid you with different mirror kicking techniqes.
    you see, these rich wankers like to believe they are untouchable because of their wealth.
    basically because they are. so in any event the police would have sided with them.
    however, they are and always will be vulnerable to a random act of violence.
  13. That is the most ridiculous parking I have seen for a while.
  14. At least you could have let down his tyres.
  15. Ahhhh hahahaha I LOL'd at this comment literally as well as the thread title! I can just picture it all happening in my head! **makes kicking motion with leg near mirror!**

    Thanks for the laugh, I want to just 'Facebook Like' all of these comments, that is just pathetic & so frustrating! They may as well have parked in the middle of the road. You should have just moved the bike & got the council to tow it!!

  16. holy crap batman
  17. aaaaaaaaaaahahahahaa exactly what i was thinking.

    aaaaalso is it just me or deceiving pics or could he have fit in behind your bike? ughh
  18. Nah, definitely no room behind me.
  19. What a turd. Bet they cant even afford that shitty old C class either. And they sell real estate.
    Not too late to send the pics and your address to your local council. :)
  20. If you sent the photos into the council, would they receive a fine?