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what motard?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by meat axe, May 16, 2010.

  1. Hi guys and gals,i currently have an 08 R1 that i am selling due to needing money for a house (been responsable sucks) and i am looking to buy a motard but not really been in to the before i am not sure what the pros and cons of different ones are. i like the yamaha wr426, but i am not really sure what updates were made on the 450. i have heard that the ktm's make good power but tend to be a bit unreliable.
    any help would be great.

  2. all depends on how much maintenance you want/can do, and what sort of riding you want to do and the budget

    the converted yamahas like the 426 need oil and filter changes pretty often, i'm a bit slack with my 450 and i do them every 1500 kays. it doesn't really mind about it though.

    husky 610's and ktm 690's have longer intervals, i think they're around the 5000 km mark, but they are a bit heavier than the converted enduro's.
  3. Hi meat, I've got a gixxer 1000 at the moment and I'm going through a similar thought process as yourself.

    I've been doing a bit of research and there are some helpful threads here on netrider, but I definately recommend heading over to supermotoaus.com for some local chat about the matter, otherwise you can also check out supermotojunkie.com as well.

    Some things to consider are that a lot of motarded dirtbikes have very small tanks meaning that you will have very poor range. Some more purpose built motards like your husky SM610 will have a 12.5 litre tank giving you slightly better range. The KTM LC4's tend to fall into this category.

    From what I've seen (and devotard can correct me), there are basically three types of motards - converted farm implements, road going factory jobs (aforementioned Husky/KTMs), and balls out racing tards like your Husabergs and Aprillia SXVs that sacrifice service intervals and reliability for having silly power to weight ratios.

    Do your research, go for test rides (y)
  4. I have the SM610, its an awesome bike that's for sure.

    The SMR 450/510 in the Husky range are more towards race bikes and do need more maintenance on them then the 610 does.
  5. What range do you get out of your tank on that thing?
  6. cheers for you help guys you have given me some food for thought. i am not to worried about tank size as its only gonna be a weekend fun machine. unfortunatly my budget wont extend to the husky's and ktm's but i will keep an eye out.
  7. Bugger all :D

    12.5L tank gets me about 150kms roughly around the city, 160kms if im lucky.

    Out in the country a little bit more then that.
  8. Long range tank from IMS, about 19 litres, but doesn't really suit the 'Tard style - used to get 280-300kms open road riding

    Whilst 610's not the most economical (carb version), tank's see through, so you can ride right to just about empty, and still lean it over to other side
  9. DRZ400 not a bad choice
  10. how do the XR400 and WR400's go?
  11. 1.5k oil changes? That's insane! What's the reason for it?
  12. by insane you mean that i'm slack by it or that you have to do them so often? ideally, i should be changing it around the 750k mark but it all depends on how hard a time i have been having it.

    i checked the valve clearances at 5000k's and they were fine so i havent checked them again since.
  13. Because they hold about 1 litre of oil and are fairly highly stressed engines.
  14. Yep, super over stressed engines, not much engine life even with regular maintance, a story I read last year said that 450 dirt bikes only have around 15~30 hours of "life" in the top end, depending on maintance and rideing style, will see If I can dig it up.

    I would go the DRZ400SM and give the XR400SM a look at as well... though with honda's habit to over develop thier engines will probably mean higher serviceing and parts costs.

    Edit: Here's the story, from a US two stroke site, so take with a pinch of salt
  15. the motorcross bikes that you can convert (not for road of course) say in the owners manual (well my crf does) that you need a new piston and rings every 10 hrs, but oil changes every 15!!
  16. XR400's are pretty underpowered, but they will go forever.

    Enduro bikes (eg WR450) and race motards (svx550, smr510) have heaps of power, but will require engine rebuilds and oil changes very frequently.

    DRZ400's are kind of in between. light weight and decent power while still having a fairly low maintenance engine (oil changes every 3000kms). Unless things have changed recently, the DRZ400SM has a different carb/cam setup so does not have as much power as the DRZ400e.

    you've also got your larger dual sport bikes (XT600/660, DR650) which are still fun (i ride an xt6 motard), but pretty heavy. If i was replacing my bike, I'd go a DRZ400e, then put motard wheels and an oversized disc (and the inverted forks from an SM if i could get them).

  17. lol i do 70/30 road/dirt on my drz400e and change oil every 1200k's
    trust me you wont have ur drz for too long if u leave it for 3000k's (even if its highway miles)