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What mod next for Bolwell Jolie 50cc

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by robbo_yobbo, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. I got myself a 50cc Bollwell Jolie to ride around on after my car got stolen. Well, I bought a new car, and its undergoing some major surgery before its up to my standards so Im back on the scooter again, but want it to go faster, quicker.

    Ive already given it a 70cc big bore, and a simonini race pipe (after the stockie litteraly snapped off while driving!), I took out half the intake filter and just left the more open one on, and its still a push to hit 70kph.

    Before the race pipe it used to tweak the front wheel a little and accelerate pretty quick, but topped out around 55-65, now with the race pipe acceleration is slower, but theres more top end in it, and more response over 40.

    Whats it going to take to get more top end, and whats it going to take to get my acceleration back (i want it at least capable of a mono, and to be able to hit 80kph on a flat road)

    Also, anyone know where stocks bolwell gear in adelaide other than show and go?
  2. hey buddy, possibly consider a 90cc bore kit? i was in a scooter shop some days ago talking about a few upgrades.

    90cc bore kit, and possibly a larger carb, bigger jets. some clutch mods, heavier springs.

    few things that might help. ring a professional man, stop messing with the crap on the forums. ring a shop be polite and youl get a proper answer.

  3. Will increasing the bore to 70cc negate any insurance? (third-party or otherwise?)

    It'll be out of its registration classification, and you'll be riding out of your license restrictions.
  4. 90cc bore kit!!!! jeeze, if I knew they were available I woulda got that for sure, where abouts did you hear or get that from????

    Show and Go is the only place I know of in Adelaide that stocks parts for Bollwell scooters in Adelaide, and they said they have only just started playing around with the jolie's, so didnt have any mirracle cures, (I mustve rang 50+ other places from the yellow pages, but they just dont deal with bollwell) but I know thiers always someone thats been there and done that on a forum somewhere.

    I'll be taking it in there friday anyway, thier going to have a fiddle with the variator and rollers to see if I cant get my accelleration back, they said the belt might be worn so if it is it'll be replaced with a kevlar one and I might get a bit more top end out of it with a new thicker belt too. then maybe a gear ratio change

    As far as insurance goes, yeah, upgrading the bore means it cant 'legaly' be registered in its class, therefore any insurance etc would be void, but in reality, who is going to check, and Ive kept the original bore anyway, so in the unfortunate event Im in a prang, and I get the "we need to inspect your vehicle" phone call, I can do the ol' switcheroony anyway.
  5. sure no one will check right now, but thats not the problem. The problem will be if you crash into someone. Your insurance company will find out and they will decline a payout. Then you've got to find the cash when the innocent other party sues you to cover their damage.

    on your head be it.
  6. hey dude, i own the same scooter, head into city scootz and he will trick the shit out of it! the guy in there is a good dude and my scooter= wheelies.
  7. Hence the ...........

    "and Ive kept the original bore anyway, so in the unfortunate event Im in a prang, and I get the "we need to inspect your vehicle" phone call, I can do the ol' switcheroony anyway."

    That statement implies someone needing to check AFTER and incident, not now.

    either way, thats the risk we take. I dont have insurance anyway (other than ctp), any damage Im able to cause to someone else on a scooter doesnt warrant additional insurance in my books. The thing weighs less than I do! I rekon could do more harm litteraly RUNNING (on foot) into a car in the parking lot!!!
  8. Cheers dude, how much did it end up costing there to get your scooter doin wheelies??
  9. I think you'll find that it can be more expensive than you think! :wink:

    Think about hitting a Porsche.
  10. I'm not going to get into the old insurance debate with you, because quite simply I just dont agree with you, i think insurance (at least third party, not CTP) should be compulsory.

    Regarding your other point about keeping the original 50cc bore kit...well thats all well and good, but the point i was getting at is if you have a crash and your scoot is mangled, you cant take it home with you and re-fit all the standard parts. You dont get that opportunity. The insurance company will go and assess it straight away. Then you wouldnt have any insurance.

    That doesnt even get into the issue that you'd have with the police for riding a scooter on public roads which doesnt meet ADR's, and the fact that your riding unlicensed, which may or may not void your CTP insurance depending on your location.

    Look, i'm not trying to sound like an old nanny, just pointing out that there is more to think about and there are risks in modifying a scoot beyond what technically allowed.
  11. Nor am I looking to get into an insurance debate (I didnt even bring it up), I dont have insurance, I dont have a problem with it, and Im not seeking anyones approval on it.
    If you have a crash, you can take it home with you (if you want to - whos going to stop you!), just grab a ute/trailer, and take it. The only time you cant is if the mangled scooter is siezed by the police, and the chances even still are remote.
    on a side note, I have a mate that works for an insurance company, and he recons the assessors arent as full on as popular belief.
    In a real serious crash, its pretty much a matter of tick yes or no in the write off box, and the crash repairer is the only one who does any real investigating (and they have no say anyway, they just have to fix it). when it comes to a scooter that is only a $2k new replacement, that decision is pretty straight forward. even still Im not denying that theres probably been hundreds and thousands of cases of insurance companies not paying out on claims due to modifications, but its not the norm.

    but like I said, thats not a problem I have to worry about, because I dont have insurance anyway. If it gets by Mr Plod, Im all good (and I have no doubts it will). The only thing I have to worry about is Mr Plod harrassing the mods on my car. I regularly get pulled over in the car, but have never been pulled over on the skoot, (ledalone a lengthy inspection)
  12. Yeah, I hear that, but If Im stupid enough to hit a porsche (or any car for that matter), and its a fault of my own, I say I deserve to cough up the dough anyway. a lack of 3rd party just gives me one more reason to stay alert (and safe).
  13. Paul at City Skoots did my Jolie. He knows what he is doing with them.
    He knows all about performance modding scooters, not like some other places.
  14. Went in there, but they cant get parts untill something like October! so thats pretty crazy. but city scoots and show+go both suggested that my belt is probably worn which tells me that thier probably right. city skoots reckon changing it should see me hitting 80kph (with the big bore and exhaust I already have), or maybe more after playing around with the variator rollers and gearing up to 90kph, show+go didnt have the parts when I took it in friday (even though I had booked it with them to do last monday), but they reckon it should be good to go this monday, so its all a waiting game now.
    City skoots say to expect 80-90kph, show+go say 75-80kph - I guess only time will tell who's right.