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What mileage do you get on your bikes?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ChiggenWingz, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone.

    What bike does everyone have, and how far do you get out of a tank? Such as when your riding it hard for a day, or just pottering along on a freeway?

    I'll chuck everyone's answers in the first post so we can have a rough idea on what we should all be expecting out of our bike's thirty engine.

    (I still dont know my mileage yet, too inconsistent) :grin:

    Here are the current stats everyone has posted up.

    * Bandit12 2001 ~(5.2l/100km 20l tank)
    * GS500 2004 ~73 mpg, 3.83 l/100kms, 26 km/l
    * GSF 250V 2000 ~170 Km (11L) (19.5km/L | 5.13L/100km)
    * GSXR600 2001 ~260-330 Km per tank
    * GSXR750 2003 ~120-180-210 Km (town) / 300 Km (highway) when fuel light came on (14L at light, 18L tank)
    * GSXR750 2004 ~180-200 Km (gunning it) / 240-260 Km (cruising)
    * GSXR1000 2006 ~140-180 Km (town) / 240-270 Km (highway) when fuel light came on (15L when light comes on I think, 18L tank)
    * GSXR1300 2005 (17.6km/L or 5.4 L/100kms semi-city cycle 19+ km/L highway)
    * GSX1400 2005 ~320-400 Km per tank
    * SV650 ~240-250 Km when fuel light came on (about 14L)
    * SV1000N ~170-190 Km (town) / ~200-210 Km (highway) when fuel light came on [~120Km practicing wheelies]
    * V-Strom1000 ~(5.2-5.6l/100km 22l tank)

    * Blackbird 320 Km City, 400 Km Highway
    * CBR600 1997 ~250 Km per tank, ~200Km before using reserve (about 14L)
    * CBR600 1997 ~220 Km on Ring Road lane splitting, (approx 14L)
    * CBR600 2003 ~(13.9 to 15.8km/L)
    * CBR600 2005 ~52 mpg, 5.36 l/100kms, 18.4 l/km
    * CBR1000 2006 ~180 when playful, ~280 when crusing
    * CBR1000 2007 ~240-250 Km when fuel light came on
    * CT110 ~ 2.8l/ 100km 4.2l tank (with secondary accessory tank= 460km total reach)
    * Hornet600 ~180-260 before using reserve
    * VFR800 2002 ~250 Km City, ~320 Km Highway (22L tank)
    * VTR250 2005 ~(4L per 100Km)
    * VTR1000F 1997 ~120-140 km City, ~190 Km Highway
    * VTR1000F ???? ~255-260
    * VTR1000SP2 ~190-210 (per tank)

    * FZ1 ~320 Km per tank (21L)
    * FZR250R ~(5.5-6 liters per 100Km)
    * SRV 250 1994 ~(~3.6-4.0 L/100km~25-27.8 km/L 13L tank)
    * XT250 (225cc)= 3.8l/100km 12l tank
    * XT600 (5l/100km 25l Ascerbis long-range tank= 504km to dry)
    * YZF 600R "Thundercat" 1997 ~320 Km and put in 17L (tank 18L)
    * YZF R6 2004 ~210 Km (town) / 300 Km (highway) when fuel light came on (13L at light, 17L tank)

    * ER6F (650cc) ~190 Fuel light, 300 Kms per tank (15.5L)
    * GPX 250 1996 ~310 Km before using reserve 360-380 Km per tank (18L tank)
    * GPX 250 2006 ~320 Km+ with 14L (17L tank)
    * GTR1000 1990 ~320 Km per tank (27L)
    * Z1000 ~260 Km (gunning it) / ~270-300 Km (cruising) (17.3L tank)
    * ZX6 2000 ~225 Km before using reserve (17L tank 3L reserve)
    * ZX6 2005 ~180 Km when fuel light came on
    * ZX10 2007 ~150 Km when fuel light came on, ~180-200 per tank
    * ZX14 200? ~200-240 Km per tank
    * ZZR 250 2002 ~450 Km till empty
    * Z750 2006 ~210 Km when fuel light came on (about 14L)

    * Aprilia Pegaso650single (PegCube)= 5.2l/100km 21l tank
    * BMW F800ST 2007 ~270 Km City, ~330 Km Highway (16L tank)
    * BMW R100RT 1995 ~(51l/100km 20l tank)
    * Cagiva Raptor 1000 ~180Km (10.2L)
    * Ducati Monster S2R1000 2006 ~200 Km (town) / ~230 Km (highway) when fuel light came on (11L at Light, 12.5L tank)
    * Ducati Monster S4RS 2006 ~160 Km when fuel light came on
    * Ducati Monster ST2 2000 ~225 Km (town) / ~265-285 Km (highway) when fuel light came on (approx 15L)
    * Hyosung GT250R ~330 Km City, (17L)
    * KTM SuperDuke 2007 <200 Km per tank
    * Triumph Daytona 675 2007 ~(17km per L)
  2. For 600's-750's i get around 160-180km around town and for the 1000's i get around 90-140km around town for the country add like 30-40km onto that.

    Oh and for the 250's around 200-240.

    This is just when i ride them.
  3. 2001 GSXR600 from 260 to 330 Ks per tank
    2005 GSX1400 from 320 to 400 Ks per tank
  4. I get 200 k's from a tank on the 14.
    Doesn't matter how I ride it, always 200.
  5. 'Doesn't matter how I ride it' = you always ride it the same way :p

    2002 zzr250 - 450 until empty.

    edit; 4L/100kms
  6. My god, i wish i could get that kinda of fuel usage.
  7. ER6F (650cc)
    15.5 ltrs- I get about 300kms from a tank
  8. On the old SV650 I got about 240/250 before light came on. Only put 14 litres in at servo though. It has a 17 litre tank but I never wanted to run it out.

    CBR1000RR. Actually it's pretty much the same per tank, but it has an 18 litre tank as apposed to a 17. So it's probably a tiny bit more thirsty then what the SV was, but not by much. If I were putting I imagine I could get over 300k out of a tank.........maybe.
  9. Old Kwaka 600cc = at a stretch I got 362km getting fairly low on the reserve, 310km is pretty normal, and 250km if ridden enthusiastically.

    That's putting approx 17lt in (18lt tank)
  10. who cares :p when its empty fill up and repeat :LOL:
  11. Hmmm, iam getting around 220-240 .. was getting about 200 when i first got it..
  12. Fair comment :LOL:
    I just ride till the light comes on then start to look for a servo.

    I have never really kept a close eye on what I'm using because of all the variable involved.

    But at a guess Ide say around 180 in a playfull mood, and somewhere close to 280 cruising
  13. Doesn't matter how many k's you get to a tank, L/100km's is the only usefull measure.

    Example- I could get close to 400kms (if you punched out reserve mabye you'd hit 400km) on my 93'000km 1981 GS650 katana, but it was definetly not fuel efficent, just a massive 23L tank.
  14. If you are only interested in fuel economy then you're correct.

    Knowing how far a bike can travel on one tank is usefull info if you're touring as you will want to know how far you can go before you have to fill up. Also if you commute, you don't want to be filling up too frequently because you're justing wasting all that time you made up by carving up the traffic :grin: .
  15. 210km's until the fuel light starts to flash. About 14 litres.

    Doesn't matter if it's cruising on the highway, punting around in traffic, or flogging it through some twisties. :roll:
  16. My '97 CBR 600 can get 252 kms on a tank. But then somebody has to ride to a servo and back one handed with a jerry can. Possibly 200kms before reserve - about 14l.
  17. 320kms on a tank from the GTR, maybe more if it's straight highway riding.
    Oh, and that's a 27 litre tank!

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. bwahahaha!! so does this come with a list of people to thank?? im sure it does.
    okay, i dont have a bike, i just came in here to take the piss out of port :D :p

    get 450k's out of a tank in the rex though :D 60 litre tank, but i dont go near the low fuel light so probably use about 50 litres.
  19. Blue, my consumption went through the the roof after I installed the PCIII. So I am hoping it will improve when I get around to getting a custom map. It was closer to 300 k's per 21 litres before.
  20. My Blackbird (Fuel Infected)

    City = 320km

    Hwy = 400km and its getting urgent