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What might have been (for Buell)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Roarin, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Yeah. Someone like Eric Buell won't be out of the game long. Wouldn't stress too much about it.
  2. I really wouldnt have any issues at all with someone parking an xb12 in my garage.
  3. Erik has set up a workshop building race bikes on a one-off basis for "a small number" of private customers. I suppose it means he's keeping his hand in...
  4. Very pretty too.
  5. nice. but who will be producing it?
  6. He and his handful of helpers for now, I think.

    I guess they'd need to upsize to make very many, but then they might start making as many as they can. Setting up new dealers and distribution is a huge task, let alone getting back up to series production. Buying in the Rotax engines helps, no doubt.

    Maybe the massive Bombadier-Rotax company is still interested. Apparently they were when H-D was shutting the Buell factory down, and it's still baffling why they wouldn't opt for taking a wad of cash instead of the cost of winding it all up.

    There's a growing network for Victory's bikes, plus there's also Can-am's Spyder being sold and the snowmobiles. It would work nicely for the Rotax division to be able to sell more of the motors if the bikes were able to slot into some of that other infrastructure that's part of that massive of group of companies that's already in place.

    There were a lot of anecdotes on U.S. bike forums about Harley dealers not being the lest bit interested in even trying to sell the Buells they had on the floor.

    I think there'll be strong interest.

    It still astounds me that with hundreds of billions of dollars thrown at propping up the U.S. economy, much of it to idiotic lenders and ailing car makers, that they couldn't throw Eric Buell even a few million to get a competitive American sportsbike to the world maket.
  7. All the accountants want harleys for some reason.