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What makes YOUR bike special?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. guys i did the hotting up cars 'phase of my life' in the 80's. back then a stock car was boring and unthinkable for a p plater.

    i only been in the mbike world for less than 2 years...and it seems that people (all ages), buy a new/er bike, and instantly put on new bits and pieces for power and/or comfort. they make it THEIR bike by personalising it.

    to me, when you see for example an orig 'unmolested' Mike Hailwood replica duc, or a 1980's turbo jap sport bike (with all the 80's lary farings) in orig condition....that would be spectacular. each to their own.

    for me....in 5 years time i will have the only M50, that hasnt been modified. their wont even be a flyshit on their that wasnt there when it left the factory.

    the other day i bumped into an R1 rider, in the hills, and he told me he just put Ohlins suspension and testing it out. he loved it.

    what makes your bike better than the 'other guys' with the same model?
  2. Mine still runs well.
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  3. Its mine?
  4. Nothing makes my bike special. At the end of the day it's just a UJM, but it's my UJM.
  5. The knob riding it.
  6. It's mine and I can get on it whenever I want. Also the first brand new bike I have bought, so it will always be special.

    It's also 'unmolested' which, perhaps because I am growing up a little, I am now realising is (mostly) better for me. That's after years of putting anything aftermarket on my bikes that I could find.
  7. mine sparkles in the sunlight...literally
  8. It's not called Edward, and looks like it stuck its finger in a power socket, is it?
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  9. Everything..... :D
  10. KTM 525; Wrecked missing a double...will make a great wall hanging.
    Ducati 998s. I'm the only one to own it since new. Looks like crap and goes like stink. I love it.
    Honda VFR 800. Gay and into heavy bondage.
    Honda CT110's x 3. Immortal.
  11. sharp spikes to deter annoying children when i park it
  12. It's a Harley that is completely stock and it gets ridden.
  13. the nut that connects the saddle to the handlebars
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  14. over 100,000kms of trouble-free, two-wheeled pleasure
  15. possibly the only LAMS approved VFR400 in the country. :D

    That, and my obnoxious numberplate, odd mirrors, and the ever so deliciously retro paint job which still gives me a hard on after all this time.
  16. Mine has go faster stripes on it. It goes at least 25km/h faster because of it
  17. Mine only gets ridden by a bloke that a bit speschle
  18. mine is in go fast red, although I need to learn to ride lol
    what i really like about it, it makes look like I can ride :) seriously !!
    daily cummuter, she's comfee, got poke, sounds nice too, doesnt talk back nor whinge!
    doesnt get shitty if I look at another, and she luv;s being naked :)
  19. They say a picture is worth 1,000 thousand words...sometimes just two (you guess which two :D)...
    This is why mine is special to me...

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  20. Reading this hurts my head.......ever heard of cohesion?