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What makes people want to do this??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rourkster, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. I work in a Police Communications Centre taking 000 calls and manning the radio etc. I was working night shift last night and had a local foot patrol crew call in a foot pursuit which resulted in an arrest. Reading up on it later I found that the cops had beeen patrolling near some nightclubs and saw this bloke walking along with his mates. They watched him walk up to a ZZR250 that was parked in the carpark, and without any logical reason, just push the bike over off the stand and onto the bitumen. Turns out the owner was inside the nightclub working the bar.
    What makes someone do that to a bike without any provocation? I mean, he's obviously brain dead to do it in front of two uniformed cops, but really! I'm just glad he got caught and has to cough up for the damages.

  2. Alcohol and trying to impress his mates with how tough and reckless he is by proving that no motorcycle can stand in his way.

    Take the mates and booze away and he probably wouldn't have done it.
  3. The same reason people will key a cars duco, peoples lives are that pathetic and miserable that they hate to see anyone else doing better than them, I’ve had trouble come my way simply because I’ve been with good looking women, or it could have been that they had boyfriends or husbands I don’t remember exactly :LOL:
  4. the bike probably looked at him the wrong way or said something annoying or stupid
  5. do%20not%20overturn.

    Been meaning to get one of these for my bike, to stop this kind of thing from happening.

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  7. Besides what's been said of the stupid thing the guy done, a friend/relative/himself may have been hurt-killed-scared by a bike and he was taking his frustrations out on an innocent parties bike. Or else he may be in a dispute with the owner of the bike and did this act as a payback? Or of course, the guy is a tosser just doing a tosser act :evil:
  8. tango-hotel-echo-yankee delta-oscar india-tango bravo-echo-charlie-alpha-uniform-sierra-echo tango-hotel-echo-yankee alpha-romeo-echo foxtrot-uniform-charlie-kilo-whiskey-india-tango-sierra.

  9. Joel, come in Joel,

    Message read and understood

    Nobby out!
  10. +2
    A real good reason for posse justice.
    Probably end up in court pleading dad was drunk, mum was a hooker, broken home, junkie....have pity followed by a slap on the wrist and picking up rubbish at the local park for a week.
    Bloody softc#ck judicial system! Perhaps take a leaf out of some of our middle eastern friends' books and have public floggings?
  11. :LOL: Roger that :LOL:
  12. I'll take the last option. Pity it wasn't a bouncer's bike and he saw the whole thing and had to, erm 'speak vigourously' to the offender :evil:
  13. Idiot: Hey ya reckon i can push this bike over?
    Mates: Nah you wont do it...
    Idiot: Watch this (pushes bike over :evil: )
    Mates: Man this guy is damn tough

    Enter netrider posse to deliver just and desereved repercutions :twisted:
  14. I had my car keyed about six months after I bought it (secondhand). It was a nice deep scratch, and all I could think about was how I'd love to sever the hands of the guy/girl that did it! :evil:

    I think a mandatory punishment of severed hands for vandals, would stamp out vandalism overnight. The thing is, no-one wants to break eggs, but everyone wants their omelette. :?
  15. I'll put my hand up ('scuse the pun) for the limb severing job.......always wanted to wear a black mask (no gimp comments please).
    Don't like omelette prefer quiche...real mean eat quiche
  16. No gimp comments here...............how are they brakes going on the wifes new toy?????????????????? :rofl: :eek:hno:

    Joel sums it up real good and the trouble is there are too many around.

    What would you do if you caught someone pushing a bike over?????

    Worse than someone kissing your granny!!!
  17. Makes me want to go on a killing spree... so be back later.
  18. Maybe just jeaslous because its a Kawasaki Simon.
    They might ride a Honda or something silly like that
  19. Brakes now good...looking for a good auto lube system now....

    Honestly? If I saw some random push a bike over, I'd beat a dozen colours of sh*t out of them.