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What makes motorcycle boots, motorcycle boots?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by moforila, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. I was just starting to do some research about boots when I came across these in my garage.

    They are my dad’s work boots, he works as an onsite test engineer. They have a steel cap and are leather. I havnt actually gone out and tried any boots on so I cant compare.


    They are good qualility boots, rrp $300.

    Do you think these are good enough to be used as motorcycle boots, would save me a good $200.
  2. motorcycle boots generally dont have laces, so they cant get caught on your bike if you fall. they are also generally taller, so they protect your shin, and will have protection in other areas that normal boots dont, to save your foot in a fall. also the bit where your gear selector rests is usually reinforced, so they will last longer. i own a pair of Sidi stivali b2, http://www.sidisport.com/eng/motorcycle/art_d.asp?ATp_ID=M01&Art_ID=MVB2 and love em to bits. they rrp at $350, and are well worth the money
  3. You could use them, theres nothing stopping you. They probably wouldn't offer as much protection as a boot that covers your shins and the soles are a bit chinky but its certainly a lot better than riding with runners on.
  4. Yeh true, but what are motorcycle boots to walk around in during the day?

    rob_, Does boots dont look like they would be very comfy to dance around in, what are they like in terms of comfort?
  5. the boots are designed for easy clutch change, easy footpeg rest, wind resistant, and some of them are waterproof.
  6. Motorcycle Boots are also made so you can,t bend them down only up on the sole part... :grin: :grin: :grin:
  7. Also proper motorcycle boots generally offer decent protection for your ankle - in particular that pointy bit of bone on the side that's most likely to be the first thing to hit the ground in a lowside. The boots you've got might be okay just for commuting around - but if you're going to do more serious riding definitely have a look at something designed for the job.
  8. Ankle support. Some have more then others.
    I personally love my boots, without them i would have broken my ankle much worse then i did.
  9. True, touring boots are normally very comfortable to be in. The racing boots that offer better protection are normally less comfortable to walk around in but its a trade off between protection and being comfortable. I'm just wonder with the steel caps and being really chunky would it give you the feeling in your feet required to move around and change gears?
  10. i actually find them pretty comfy. they fit me really snug, and they're not too stiff. the only problem i have with them when walking is that i'm an unco, and always scrape the heel on the ground when i walk... as far as dancing goes, dont know, but def will crack em out at a club sometime soon... the ladies would love it...
  11. lol, for sure, start crip walking in them and shit, yeh bitchs these a moto boots, just add your number to my list and il get back to you. :LOL:
  12. and when i wear my helmet too, they wont be able to see my ugly mug. easier to breakdance too!