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What makes good leathers good ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Q, Jun 20, 2007.

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  3. If it was leather....

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  1. Hmmm... new to biking in general and bought a Joe Rocket for my first jacket. Fits well and keeps me warm in the cold... :grin:

    What exactly makes a good jacket?

    Whats so good about the Dainese jackets??

    Whats the RRP for a good Dainese? Is it worth the extra $$$.
  2. a lot of the big brand stuff is made in 3rd world countries. my AGV helmet and my shift gear is made in china. Quality is excellent. but these are not "Chinese" companies....
  3. As long as the quality is the same I don't really care where it's made.

    The key issue is the quality of the leathers.

    Having said that a lot of the imported from Pakistan leathers are pretty ordinary at the moment.
  4. Yes. What you usually don't get from cheaper brands is:
    - leather that is as supple and thick
    - stitching that is reinforced, double or triple lines of stitching, stitching which is hidden from abrasion by being tucked under folds of leather
    - stretch panels to allow you to move properly on the bike
    - stretch panels reinforced with plenty of aramid fibre ("Kevlar"tm)
    - Fit and shape that suits more bodies better
    - armour pads in the right spot with CE safety approval and hard outer shell
    - Reflectors to be seen (if the car driver is paying attention)
    -if you like owning a fashionable brand and it gives you confidence in quality and safety, choose that
    - room for a good back protector if not already fitted

    Of course, if you do find these things in a less expensive brand then go for it. We all know that advertising, and sponsoring famous riders, does cost money. So does research (to be at the cutting edge of safety technology)
  5. Well quality really refers to the above things, in my opinion, including the use of good materials.

    Fit and shape have always been an issue for riders....and judging by other threads...bigger sizes especially.....50-60 anyone?
  6. Well for me (big a fat bastard) fit is everything...

    Tried on a three grand Dainese one piece the other day, fit on legs and arms was great... leather soft... looked great... shame they are all made for skinny people cause couldn't even get the front zips started :oops:

    Ended up with a US made suit, really hard leather etc... but at less than a third the price and made for fat bastards (made in USA :LOL: :LOL: ). Figured if it falls apart, I can just buy another and still be ahead...

    Probably should have tried a made to measure one... but like most things, when I finally get around to it, I want it now :twisted:

  7. Sweat shops. Alot of major companies supply materials and have the materials (inputs) turned into products (outputs) as labor costs are cheaper. Im about to buy an Alpinestar jacket but im more concerened about the appearance as im representing the rest of the bikers out there y0 :D
  8. im a 44-46 :?

    bloody impossible to get anything in my size!! everything goes up to XXXXL, but on the other end of the scale, half of it doesnt get below an S!!

    the Dainese Santa Monica in 44 fitted a dream, now who wants to lend me $1100 :shock:
  9. Hmmm....

    I also wear a 46.. I think from memory...

    So who wud buy this...I actually think its a fake.


    Those of you who mentioned low wages... I guess its not that bad in a family business that employs only 10-20 individuals and makes a profit of $5-10 dollars on each item.

    The sweatshops are more the Nike and Adidas kind of territory where they put out 100 000's of pieces and employ about 1000-3000 people in a single warehouse.

    I read sumwhere that Dainese which is considered the best amongst some riders make their goods in Ukraine ??. Which is definitely not first world on my scale.

    I want to look into getting some high quality gear made for sale in aus, but want to compete with Dainese and the like :cool: . Hotcam was on the right track where he mentioned the actual issues he had with cheaper products.

    So when you guys say that you're ~45 and it dun fit properly, where does the problem lie, is it only shoulders or waist?? Not enuff stretch panels?? Say you could get one custom made what wud you put in??
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  11. I had Tiger Angel leathers made for me. They are almost 5 years old and had a lot of wearing, though (touch wood!) no battering. They fit me perfectly (I am 6' tall with really long legs and have a *lot* of trouble getting anything to fit :roll: ) and I chose the colour I wanted. The leather is thick, but supple (thanks Keith :wink: ) the zips are good quality, the stretch panels are in the right places and don't bunch and they are Aussie made (right here in Melbourne). Some say they are expensive, but I paid about $1500 for my pants and jacket and, because they are tailor-made, fit me beautifully and are exactly what I wanted.

    Stookie has bought cheaper leather pants and jacket (non matching) which he has found uncomfortable (pants) and a bit too big in some places (jacket), but is happy with them. I think, all up, he paid about $600 for both.

    I guess its really whatever tickles your fancy.
  12. Damn....$1500. :eek: They better be good at that price. Thanks for the info.

    Where are the stretch panels exactly? Is bunching when they loop out? :p
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  14. :? :? :?

    Or much of a movie buff .................. :LOL:

    "The Crow" is a movie dude!
  15. Well said....

    Thats how misleading the jacket was.... :LOL:
  16. There are stretch panels behind the knees. Bunching can be a real problem if leathers don't fit well as it hurts (the stretch panels are made of a stretchy material that wrinkle when you bend your knees...very uncomfortable, especially on long rides).

    I don't think I paid that much for the quality of my leathers. I love them still and can't see me getting more for a long time. Custom-made leathers...best weight watcher around :wink: :LOL:
  17. You can never beat custom made for fit, durability and quality. My father's leathers he had made 30 years ago now are still in excellent condition - they were made to replace his previous custom made set, and only replaced because they were stolen. Some local guy made them - long since out of business unfortunately. I remember at the time how blown away my dad was about how good a price he could get things made for there. He had a set made for me as a kid of about 7 as I rode around with him a lot. Still have them in fact and they are still in excellent shape and the leather as supple as it was back then. Just waiting on my son to grow into them - he's a little small yet at 4 years old :LOL:

    I'm still riding in a jacket I bought from Mars leather almost 20 years ago - whilst the lining needs replacing, and I've had to replace the tag on a zip, its still going strong. Current pants I recently got from Black Rose, and had them alter them as the fit was appalling - which are ok, but I can't see them lasting terribly long.

    Would love a custom set, and will probably go that way at some point, but my money always seems to get spent on other stuff :roll: