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What makes a LEGEND bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, May 13, 2013.

  1. (have a sneaking suspicion that something like this has been done before on here....i did search and saw nothing)

    in the car world, (will get onto mbikes in a second) over many decades there are LEGEND cars that were made. they were loved back then, and still loved now.

    just off the top of my head....

    GT falcon - bathurst winner
    GTS - Bathurst winner
    XU1 - bathurst winner
    A9X - bathurst winner
    E49 Charger
    Nissan skyline R32 - changed the rules to current V8 supercars

    even cars with humble backgrounds.

    Toyota sprinter - started the art of drifting
    WRX - made porsche sit up and make serious changes.....

    one mbike that i know is defiinatly in LEGEND status is

    Kawaski 900 - pure grunt!

    im sure you have plenty to add......put the reasons as well

  2. Honda CT 110.

    They refuse to die,
    they're immortal.
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  3. read the title and thought.... well most days i bike cause i feel like it. nobody makes me.

    then i realised your thread was off topic.
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  4. #4 b12mick, May 13, 2013
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    Ducati 916 - sex on wheels.

    Brough Superior ss100 - the first superbike, it helps that D.H. Lawrence died while riding one.

    Vincent Black Shadow - the second superbike

    BSA Gold Star - affordable performance for the masses. The bike to have if you wanted to win IOM clubman TT or the race to the next cafe.
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  5. Honda RC30, proven race wins, brilliant design and style and a true race machine for the roads handmade by hrc with no expense spared, especially when it comes to buying one.

    Agree with the 916 and the postie.

    Would also consider the BMW R80 GS, the R65 etc, as well as the CB750 because it really set the standard for modern sports bikes and took us away from the thump thump thump and into the world of neeeeeeiiwwwwww
  6. +1 postie, vincent and of course the 916.

    I'd add the honda 4 400... or original CB400 cause every man and his dog seem to have had one back in the day.

    Ducati Monster - for reviving nakeds

    Honda Fireblade - original spec.
  7. Kawasaki Z1 would be close.
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  8. To try and answer the question "What makes a LEGEND bike" well I'd say the bike has to be a huge step forward for starters. But having said that I think the original CB750 while a huge step forward and giving birth to the UJM, it isn't a legend. Where as the Bonneville, the bike that was effectively destroyed by the CB is a legend.

    Also the Britton 1000 was/is a legendary machine, but you can't buy one and bugger all people have every ridden one.
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  9. Anything ridden by Steve McQueen
  10. Coming from a Speedway background I need to add the JAWA Speedway bike. No clue as to exactly what it was but it survived the onslaught from the Weslake.

    Triple Gold Plated JAWA in multiple World Champion, Ivan Mauger, collection:
    worth it's weight in gold.
    Ref: http://www.ivanmauger.com/canterbury/photos/
  11. For me a legend bike has to be a game-changer.
    For that reason, the Honda CB-750' which redefined motorcycling for all time, and effectively single-handedly killed the archaic British motorcycle industry.
    The Ducati 750, still the spiritual father of all modern Ducatis (and many lesser imitators)
    Harley-Davison for spawning the world-wide cruiser obsession.
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  12. The Honda Elsinore, it started the domination of the Japanese factories in off road racing (and of course Steve McQueen rode one).

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  13. And the RC45. Even rarer to come by, and even more trick stuff.
  14. Honda Blackbird - not the first and definitely not the last, but it was the one that got a ton of attention and paved the way for the 'Busa and the ZX.
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  15. Probably the Yamaha OWO1. Paved the way for the R7, and eventually the M1. Bit of history there.
  16. Kawasaki H2
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  17. CB750 & all the UJM's that followed ,hard to justify just one bike , & the postie of course
  18. 1100 katana. Out there styling and a BLAST to ride. GPZ750 turbo. Kawasaki Z1RTC,
  19. Harley Davidson Fat Boy.

    Arnie as the terminator on that Fat Boy is a legendary movie shot, saved the company I think.
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