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What magazine?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by HANDSY, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Australian Motorcycle News

  2. Road Rider

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  3. Two Wheels

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  4. Rapid Bikes

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  1. yo
    just wondering what magazine people buy/subscribe to?
    i have read two wheels & australian motorcyle news, what about road rider? What do people prefer? Why? Pros/Cons? Is there a better magazine than these (other than forum..kiss ass..lol)?
    thanks all

  2. I read Rapid bikes - got some really interesting articles and lots of streetfightered and modded bikes
  3. I've edited your post to include Rapid as an option.

    I read rapid. The others are meh.......
  4. Rapid seems to be the only place you see modified bikes at all, so Rapid it is.
  5. i read road rider and motorcyle trader because with road rider they have rides that i may want to do and have bike reviews and motorcyle trader because they have reviews and how to trouble shoot problems
  6. At least buy one issue of BIKE (UK) and see what a REAL bike magazine is like....
  7. Rapid is the best, as not only does it have modified bikes, but it does reviews on normal bike and tech sections to help people modify their own bikes.
  8. I don't see HUSTLER on the list :?
  9. I have a subscription to Motorcycle Trader for the articles and adverts.
    AMCN would be ok if Boris was out of it :roll:
  10. Rapid for my inner hoon. Road Rider for inspiration and 'real' articles.
  11. AMCN is too race oriented and seems Melbourne centric.
    Australian Roadrider has just become the Ulysses mag. shame because it started off well
    Rapid has never floated my boat. People throwing money at bikes to buy of the shelf bling rather than being creative and modifying for genuine performance
    Two wheels is about the best, but pisses me off if I buy too many. Kevin Ash just writes stuff to get attention and Smith stops being funny after a few articles. It soon becomes apparent he writes like that to cover up his lack of journalistic talent. It also slips into product placement mode too readily some times.

    I miss the first few years of Streetbike.
  12. what what what???

    i just read amcn cause people seem to give them too me. i dont usually read enough articles to get to know any the writers, however 2 of the articles i have really enjoyed/related to have been Boris'

    i really enjoyed his anit-beige rant in the most recent one. although the rest of his stuff may be wankery

    however from my limited experience buying bike mags Rapid seems to be the go for me. amcn has too much fluff and racing reports
  13. :WStupid:

    I (quickly) glance (occasionally) at the purile dribblings of Boris.
    The rest is ok.
  14. +1!
  15. I'll occasionally by two wheels when they have those 2-for-1 packs - at least that way you actually get a decent amount of reading material for your money.
    With any of the other Australian mags usually 30 seconds flipping through them in the Newsagent is enough, rarely do they ever have anything you can't find on the internet for free.
  16. Really? I find the UK mags just write what they think will get people worked up.
  17. I just check out the centrefold in Playbike.
  18. AMCN.

    And Fast Bikes when I can find it.
  19. Rapid, BIKE and AMCN
  20. Whatever dad (2wheelsagain) gives me on the rare occasion i have time to get in the cage and see him...which means normally MT, but it jsu makes me want a bike so much more....oh god im in for abut 6 months worth of back issues!!!! and its not like i can read them on the way home!!!