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what line to take?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by solerider, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. hi folks,
    What is the best line to take in the rain??
    I've know to be weary of painted lines..... but what else should i be aware of?
    Do i stay clear of the middle of my lane(side of road) and try to stay where the car tires go?
    Pick the "highest " part of the road??? ---to stay clear of any run off.
    I have done pleanty of off-road riding, but bugger all road riding.
    Please help.

    PS---- it just has to rain so i can practice!
  2. What line to take? Well, avoid this one:


    Seriously, ride as per normal, just plan further ahead and avoid the shiny bits.
  3. Ride far more smoothly in terms of throttle, clutch, brakes, steering input, etc.

    Where possible the outer tracks of lane (where car wheels are) are a good idea as long as its not interrupting your buffering too much. Mainly important in built up areas around traffic lights and other areas where cars have been stopped, dripping lots of slippery oil there - if you have to brake in a hurry and you're in the middle (oily) part of the road, won't be great..

    Obviously leave larger gaps between people in front.

    That said, unless its heavy rain or unusually slippery roads, riding in the road isn't so bad. Smoothness is the key.
  4. kool, thanx Loz.
    i definitley wont be speeding :)
  5. I remember being told that, then going out one rainy night, and the entire road was shiny! :cry: I learnt what you meant eventually.

    Wet is slippery, but oily is far worse. Oily can even look like the dryer bit in the centre coz all the water beads off it. Better to ease through the deeper wheel tracks than to go along the seemingly dryer ridge.

    Any painted bits are also really really bad when wet. Avoid them in the dry so you've got the habit for when it's wet.
  6. I hear you Victorians like your tram tracks down there.
  7. yup .. tram tracks are good to avoid on a 250.. am hoping on bigger bikes with bigger/wider tyres, one side grabs before the first side looses grip!!
  8. this isn't always true...i am a vitcim of the tracks....... :mad:
  9. Still a tiny contact patch even on bigger bike rubber!
  10. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    I so NEEDED a laugh
    thx Loz
    I am still very much a newbie, but have ridden everyday, rain or shine. I concur with the others... I try riding in wheel tracks, avoid low sides, increase my buffer, and MOST importantly, when possible wait til its been raining a while before heading out, gives the rain a chance to wash the oil away. Worst time to ride is when it has just started to rain.. oil from the road floats to the top. ( correct me if I am wrong guys ) .

  11. Very true! And it makes it mega slippery; like freshly dropped oil - only heaps of it, coz it's the build up since the last big rain. Best time is after a mega rain dump where it cleans the road :grin: Still keep an eye out for the pretty rainbow slicks on the road in case it wasn't heavy enough.