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What leathers do you wear on your cruiser?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Bluesuede, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Well - like the subject says, I'm just interested in what gear you guys are wearing on your cruiser - specifically leathers. The reason I'm asking is that I've been thinking of getting another jacket and perhaps pants to replace my 20 year old Mars jacket - which, whilst it has stood the test of time extremely well and has nothing wrong with it other than needing the lining replaced, it has no armour and I'd like to use it as a spare and update my gear. For pants I normally wear draggins or a fairly basic pair of leather jeans.

    There's a plethora of sports bike options out there, and I'm not keen on the racer boy look personally. Nor am I particularly keen on anything with an HD logo emblazoned on it.

    So what do you wear? What brand/model and where did you buy it? Not textiles, but leather. Any recommendations? I suspect there is probably a few Brando jacket wearers out there given the amount of Pakistani options on the market :LOL: Would love to hear what others are wearing :) If you have pics, post them up!

  2. Not to sound mean but I love laughing at the 'middle aged' man or women that has just brought themselves a harley because of the name and have gone out and brought leathers or matching outfit to the bikes colour scheme, boots and a 1/2 face helmet. It just looks so funney I normaly have to pull over and stop. :grin:

    On the other hand if thats what you feel comfortable with and think it is safe enough for you then go ahead, I don't care what others think of what I'm wearing as long as I feel comfortable in it.

    Around town I where a pair of steel cap boots, jeans, dri-rider textile jacket, full faced helmet and leather gloves. If I am on a cruise that goes near the high way I add a set of dri-rider textile pants and a neck-a-clava as well...and if raining I swap my boots for steel capped gummies.

    I have found that textile jakets are almost as good as leather in a slide but are a lot cooler in summer and about the same for warmth in winter...but thats just my 2 cents and everyone else will have their own opinions.
  3. Those that do that are hardly any worse than your average sports bike rider in matching race inspired leathers complete with logos, colour matched helmets, boots and gloves. Kitting yourself out to a certain image isn't restricted to those that go and buy Harleys...

    And I'm assuming you weren't directing that at me - I own neither a Harley, nor an open face helmet. :LOL:
  4. i went out for a late sunday arvo blat wearing a T-shirt, cargo shorts and my chinese safety boots.

    i also wore a healthy smile too.

  5. well, thats very poor form.
    at least i wore my protective blue-shearers singlet ;) :LOL:
  6. That's not just the cruiser riders ;) :cool: .

    This place makes some very good, very well priced stuff, much of which is aimed at the cruiser market (including luggage).
    I've crash tested the Brando jacket and leather pants and as far as protecting against impact the CE armour they come with does the job extremely well - don't know what they're like for abrasion resistance though (but has to be better than jeans and a leather vest ;)).
  7. Yeah they are pretty good. My last pair of leather pants came from there, and I'd have to say that their service was excellent - it was hard to get something that fit right - the pants that fit around the waist had legs that finished halfway up my shins, and the pants with legs the right length could have fit two of me in :LOL: They arranged to have them altered for me. As for abrasion resistance, they have a pair of pants on the wall in the stairwell as a demo that someone slid down the road in and they seem to have held up pretty well :grin:
  8. I have a 2 piece Alpinestars set, unfortunately with sliders, but with plenty of armour.
    They zip together, so any slide down the road wont have the jacket riding up.

    Not many options when you have a fat waist!.
  9. I guess you spell that Y M C A !!!
  10. Not a cruiser rider, but an SR rider with a taste for rocker styling, and my Brando jacket doesn't have any armour. Haven't tried it yet, but am aiming to buy one of those body armour shirt things such as you get from Black Rose, to go under the jacket. Might be a good way to keep using your current jacket, or to open up your options when looking at new jackets. Mars installs armour for $110.

    Some of the Triumph gear is pretty nice! But expensive!

    I can't believe some of the squids in this thread! If you're gonna wear a singlet, make sure its got the protective VB label installed!!
  11. Hiya Bluesuede

    I have some BlackRose leather pants, ones with armour and also ones without. For the price I dont figure they are to bad and both styles are fairly comfy etc and as JD mentioned, they will do alterations if you need. I also wear 5 pocket leather jean versions as well as draggins but its pretty much a mood thing as well as what suits you and your budget.

    Maybe once you find the replacement jacket your after the pants may be at the same place to haggle for a good. If not dont stress as plenty of places selling gear & dont forget to check out NR partner discount places :wink:
  12. I have synthetic dririder pants with mesh for air venting, which are comfortable, but mine are on the way out and I need some new pants. Which do you guys find are better in the heat, leather or draggins? (I guess the relevant answer includes both on and off - sitting at a cafe - the bike. I find my leather jacket better, on the bike in the heat, than my synthetic jacket.)
  13. Mattb I find that for highway riding the leather pants are fine - I've ridden with them on even on +40 degree days. Around town at low speeds though they can get a bit warm and then I do tend to prefer jeans (must buy some draggins someday). The leather pants I've got are actually leather jeans so off the bike they're actually fairly comfy to walk around/sit in.
  14. I agree with JD. If the air is moving leather is fine but if its a case of sitting still then I prefer cargos/jeans/draggins depending on the temperature.
  15. Anything with tassels.
  16. Is that what you called those things hanging out of your white chaps :p
  17. Tassticles? :rofl:
  18. Yeah - the body armour jackets I figured would just end up getting too hot in summer in addition to the jacket and I probably would not end up not wearing it. Had thought about getting my jacket retrofitted with armour by Mars, but given I need the lining replaced as well, its a couple of hundred dollars spent on a 20 year old jacket, and I thought that perhaps it would be money better put towards a new one :)