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what learner bike for a girl?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Zarina, May 5, 2011.

  1. Looking at buying a learners bike and wondering what the best one for me is...

    height: 167cm and medium build
    fairly strong but not overly.
    drive automatic car
    No previous bike experience

    I have been looking at the GS500f but am worried about the size and weight?
    I didn't particularly want a 250 but not sure if I would be better for me?

    Any advise appreciated
  2. The GS would work fine, I'd think. I've seen a 4'5 foot lady cruising around on one. She had it lowered and the seat shaved and seemed happy enough, though she was quiet stocky. Ninja 250's are also pretty low. Have a sit on a few different bikes to scope it out.
  3. go have a sit on as many bikes as you can. you'll fall in love with one.

    from there, you'll figure out a way of making it work.

    The GS is a great bike.
  4. Most people will ask you want it for, ie what type of riding.
    I have riddeen a few bikes including my brothers 500 often. But I own a 250 (kawasaki zzr, (same engine as new ninjas), and am very comfortable and happy with it. It does freeeway's and quiker easily with plenty of overtaking power, and is great on fuel.
    Some 250's are painfully and dangerously slow though.
    one of the best ways to decide though, is to sit on diffrent bikes and see how they feel. People can recomend diffrent things, but Did not get a comfortable grip on some of the bikes shown to me. Take time, and ask a friend/another rider in your area to help out if you need.
  5. PS: the gs 500 is a great bike, that will do anythin a learner/ p plater needs.
    In saying that, I personally prefer the kawasaki er500. They are not new, but plenty in great condition cheap, and are watercooled, and I think a little lower seat wise.
  6. ...............................:worthlesspics::worthlesspics::worthlesspics:
  7. a ninja 250r should be perfect for you
  8. Thanks for all the advise everyone :D I'm gonna have a look at a few and see what feels right.
  9. Welcome!

    Why don't you like the idea of a 250?
  10. Yeah, 250's are the bee's knees, you just throw them around and parking is easy and there's so many to choose from and on resale everyone wants one! Plus you mentioned no bike experience... so really, you might as well play it safe and get a decent 250. Dunno what your price range is, but you can get decent condition 250's for around the 3K mark and it only gets better as you pay more.

    That, or do what i did and get a 150. ha. and i'm 6'2".
  11. Whatever you get will feel a bit cumbersome at first because you won't be used to pushing around. Also you will be using muscles in a way you may not have used them before. It won't be long before you get usd to it and muscles start to respond.

    A GS500 is an excellent bike and if it feels OK for you I would suggest that over a 250. Not that there is anything wrong with a 250 but once you have a bit of experience under your belt you will apreciate the extra capacity.
  12. Yes GS500 you will be fine . Also a friend of mine she has a Kawasaki ZZR 250 .its been sitting in her garage for 12 months .( She can't ride anymore because of neck problems )

    I was selling it for her but we have never got around to advertising it .

    I moved it the other day and wow its so light I think about 140kg . depends too how much you want to spend on a bike .

    good luck
  13. I just got a CBR250 2011, Now I dont know why people keep going on about how slow and crap 250's are, sure I got blown off by an excel the other day (yeah my bike is brand new still running it in) and i can launch it hard, but all the other gear have heaps of poke for me on my L's and P's there is more than enough fast to loose my license and its fine on the freeway, which is what I will be doing a lot.

    Sure I could have gone a little bigger but hell brand new bike and used about 7l of fuel for like near 400kms.

    Where is that excel I wanna go him when im in my cage, which now feels damn fast after poking around on my bike all day hehe
  14. I'm about to put my CB250 up for sale. If you're in Melbourne, you're welcome to have a peek...

  15. What ever takes your fancy. Just remember, it's not going to be your forever bike.
  16. Exactly, I wouldn't rule out a good little 250 for a learner. But you'll know it when you sit on the bike you like.
  17. I wouldnt rule out a CBR125, almost unbreakable, cheap parts incase you drop it and enough power to get to 100km/h with a 85kg guy on it, or something similar like the fickle Honda NSR150. Why are you even looking at 500 bikes? You say your 167cm tall medium build, so you would be under 70kg most likely. As a learner a 500 is just going to pull your arms out of their sockets and have you give up biking cause you crashed.

    On any of the 250s you will easily hit 100km/h and cruise at that speed, be much much easier for you to handle and you may not have to ask for help if you drop the bike. And you should remember that most riders never stick with their first bike, they learn alot with the first bike and realize that some other style of bike suites them more, so there is no point getting a unnecessary massive bike as a first one.

    PS. I am even stating off with a scooter as a first 2 wheeler :) but then thats cause i am converting it to a 5kw electric devil.
  18. My Ducati Monster 600 Dark would be nice :cool: A friend has sat I may bike and she's about 167cm and 50kg wringing wet, she seems to think it'd be ok...if she had a licence. Mine will be up for sale soonish.

    Seriously, it's an option. Don't be scared off by all the people carrying on about maintenance. Chances are you wont be doing 10,000k a year so you'll only service it every when ever and if you or a friend are handy with a spanner it's easy as.
  19. Can't go wrong with the GS. Even after your L's and P's.
    Also, take a look at the CB400 as a comparison.
  20. And that is a slow 250...