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What LAMS Cafe Racer?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by frogs, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Hi all

    I have done some trawling on this forum and have not been able to find another thread that adequately addresses the questions below. Hoping for any advice people are able to provide:

    I am looking to get back into riding after letting the L's lapse a few years back, and I am in need of some advice on bikes. I am keen to buy a Cafe Racer as I am head over heels for the look! However, I know that style is one thing, and substance is another.

    So, my question is, what LAMS Approved 'Cafe Racer style' bikes would you recommend within a $5k-$7k budget? I am keen to get something second hand, but do you think I should I be going for a close-to-new bike (e.g. 15' Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 etc) or should I be going for something older (e.g. mid 80's-90's Yamaha SR400 etc)? I don't have great mechanical skills beyond the basics.

    Power isn't a big deal for me at this point, as it will mainly be used for commuting to work and back (if it can get to 100km/h it would be helpful, though). I'd probably be looking to offload this in about 3-4 years time when my skills improve and I am off the Probationary License.

    Grateful for any make/model recommendations you might be able to pass on, and also any recommendations on good bike review websites.


    Leigh (Canberra, ACT)
  2. What about a Honda CB400 Super Four? Sure, it's a bit more modern than any of the retro-styled bikes - essentially a modern take on the UJM theme, but it would probably be fairly easy to build a cafe racer based on it.
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  3. Just remember mate that technically ANY modifications u do to a lams bike voids the bikes Lams status. If u came across a prick of a cop he could throw the book at u. So u might have to stick with cafe racers that are like that from the factory and not a full modified one.
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  4. The W800 exceeds the capacity limit for LAMS in most states, but it looks like the ACT might be an exception. Not sure where that leaves someone legally if they rode it interstate though…
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