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what lams bike to buy???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by robeel, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. hey guys,

    i'm having a hard time deciding what bike to get & finding a good one. lams bikes are way overpriced. my budget is $7k & weigh about 95kg 176cm tall, so will need something with some pull. riding will be mainly short trips 20-30km or so & will be using it as a daily. but would like to go for a long cruise once in a while.

    looking at a range of different bikes from zxr250 c model, rvf400, cb400, gs500 naked, ktm640...

    any suggestions what to get? & other bikes, motards?

    was looking at these... http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bik...0&seot=1&__Nne=15&trecs=45&__sid=12B6D44F811F


    http://www.bikepoint.com.au/all-bik... 4294961729&seot=1&__Nne=15&trecs=3&silo=1400

    http://www.bikepoint.com.au/all-bik... 4294961729&seot=1&__Nne=15&trecs=3&silo=1400

    http://www.bikepoint.com.au/all-bik... 4294965248&seot=1&__Nne=15&trecs=5&silo=1400

    http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bik... 4294964040&seot=1&__Nne=15&trecs=1&silo=1400

    http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bik... 4294965076&seot=1&__Nne=15&trecs=1&silo=1400

    BTW i'm over 25 so will only be on lams for over 1 year. i've ridden bikes in the past but never had my own. as a kid friends had rm80, yz80 we used to ride in the park. then a friend got a dt175 we used to ride a bit back in the early 90's. when i was 18-19 i rode friends rgv & zxr250 but its been a while. i've wanted my own bike since about 10yrs old, so its a long time coming. family still don't like the thought of it, mainly the females.

  2. Rob, there are literally hundreds of threads with the exact same question. Have a read and make some informed decisions. For some input, i was in your exact same position, although slightly taller and heavier than you. 250cc is fine especially if its a v-twin.
    Dont go and blow heaps of coin on something you're going to abandon in a year.
    Motards are good. DRZ400, nice ones about $5k
  3. also check ebay. gs would be the go, can pick them up for under 3k if you're looking.
  4. yeah check out drz400sm or the drz400e and convert it to tard.

    to summ it up, if you want a fun LAM approved bike, you get a motard.