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What knee / hip armour do you wear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by pastafarian, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. dainese make strap on knee protectors. is that what you are after?
  2. Yeah a good strap on would be good..=D>

    A lot that i have seen online look like they would come down into my boots though.
  3. that's what you want them to do.
    the boots help hold them in place.
    most decent boots have room to accomodate them and fit snugly .
    theres generally two types. some have straps only below the knee, so are easy to slip on and of without removing your pants. in Victoria it is illegal to remove your pants.
    the other type has an articulating knee with strap or straps above the knee also. obviously a higher level of protection, but more pissing around to fit and unfit.
    pricing can be anything from 30 bucks to 3 grand for something made from titanium and carbon fibre.
    myself, i just wear the slip under jeans type. prefer plastics because they breathe and don't get hot like the tube style designs with neoprene. i don't know what brands i own. have a few. o'neal pump gun types are ideal. the new icon ones look pretty good too.

    knee armour in jeans just moves around.

    hip armour is a good idea, because a decent blow to your hip will **** your spine. but how much hip armour will aid in preventing damage comes down to luck. could get lucky. so worth stacking your odds perhaps.
    armoured shorts are one option. they often have tailbone armour too. that's one bone it would be nice to avoid breaking.
    the other option is pants with sewn in pockets for hip armour placement.
  4. You dont even wear sleeves!!!
  5. that depends. i often do.
    i'm always more armored up than i look though. my bike dose'nt have clip-ons, but raised bars for comfort. so going anywhere without proper boots and knee/shin armor is never an option.
  6. Yeah the guy at STG mentions in the video that the Knox is the best. It's also 120USD ](*,)
  7. These look good to me but, like the OP, any recommendations would be appreciated.
    I have a fracture in the tibial plateau in my knee so won't be going without knee protection when I jump back on a bike.
    I think I'd prefer external strap-ons. The dainese look good but are huge. Knox looks ok but seem to be only internal.

    any more recommendations?