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What kind of weather scares you the most?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sonja, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Windy

  2. Rainy

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  3. Wind and Rain

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  4. Snowy

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  5. Foggy

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  6. None of the Above

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  7. Other

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  1. I just came home from a brief jaunt, and it is cold, wet and windy out there. It really scared me.

    I always forget in the rain that Banshee does a little bum-wiggle when you drop a gear too high in the rev range in the rain. I wind up riding on chicken-strips.

    So tell me what weather scares you the most.
  2. Golf-ball sized hail.
  3. I'm not a big fan of the rain - but I can kinda cope with it (being from the uk lol)...but I hate being on my bike in heavy winds...hoping this feeling will change once I upgrade, because I seriously feel like I'll get blown off the road at the moment with some of the really heavy gusts...

    Know thats probs not gonna happen, but my heart jumps into my mouth everytime it happens....
  4. You need to put "Sunny/hot days" in the poll as that is when the most idiots come out on to the road! (Even tho it can come under 'other')
  5. also instead of "none of the above" it should have 'ALL of the above'
  6. Absolutely - any hail is bad but bigger sizes are really really bad. :(
    OK in town where you can take shelter but out in the country it's nasty.
  7. I didn't think of that.

    And the heat is not one that I thought of really either. It's never really bothered me all that much.
  8. I've seen snow on Mt Lofty on a few occasions... :LOL:
  9. Wind and rain don't really bother me much, even snow is fine if it's not settling on the ground. What really scares me is early morning frost and ice on the roads which is not that uncommon around here. On those days the bike stays at home, I haven't hit black ice on the bike yet and I don't want to either (bad enough in the car).
  10. ahh there is no place like home... tasmania where the weather report says sunny and 20 and you pack your winter thermals and water proof socks. :p
  11. Snow... not that I've experienced it on the bike... but I think if it was snowing the bike would stay at home.
  12. I find black ice can be a problem.
  13. Ahhh Ballarat...

    Chilly one day,

    Freezing the next :LOL:
  14. I gotta say that wind and rain dont bother me that much but hail stones farken (am I allowed to say that?) hurt. In fact I'd rather get a brazilian around 'that time of the month' than ride for a prolonged period in the hail! :shock:

    However what really scares me is Black Ice. :?
    I encountered it a few times when I lived in Ballarat and it is petrifying. My ex first dropped the Zed on black ice in B'Rat and it wasn't pretty, crushed the Zeds tank and the doughnuts he had in his jacket. :eek:

    Poor Zed.......I miss my little baby *sob* :cry:
  15. Ice, especially black ice, and hail
  16. The main weather that scares me is when its raining cats and dogs :p
  17. I dont really mind wind and rain, but when combined they are terrible!
  18. My pet hate is a bad hail storm when I'm on the bike, the bigger the hail the worse it is.

    One time I had marble sized hail (that bloody hurts) and it was that heavy that before I could gently weave to a stop there was 5cm of hail on the road.

    And there is often nowhere to hide from it in the country...

    Black Ice can be pretty bad too.
  19. We really don't get hail or much in the way of black ice here in Canberra. Lots of fog in winter, rain and wind at times...

    Today was just another reminder to me that I will come off one day.

    I've also been told that it's better if you come off in the rain because you slide over the asphalt, rather than tearing yourself and your gear on it.
  20. Good weather! im more likely to push it in good weather and hurt myself than when the weathers shite - other than that rain and hail scares me :|

    I get cold hands:(