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What kind of scumbag does this?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rolkus, Oct 15, 2011.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Late afternoon yesterday, I headed to Werribee Toyota to pick up a new van I just bought for work. Across the road was Centerlink, so I decided to park in the empty car park, with the bike close to the road in case someone decides they really want it, it's a relativley busy road, as anyone that knows Werribee will tell you.

    So I park the bike there, lock the steering, and head across the road to Toyota. In there for about 1/2 hour, then get my van, drive it North to Wyndham Vale, then get the missus to drive me back down to get my bike.

    I couldnt see the bike from the car, be I get out and I see it's on its side. I essentially yelled out W T F! I ran over and took a picture, then picked it up.

    No damage, other than the knob on the handle having a few scratches. But still, what the fuck?

    What's is it accomplishing doing this to someones bike?

    I tell you, if I saw it, I would have followed them home, gotten 10 of my mates, and rolled their car on it's side to see how they like it.

  2. There lies your answer...
  3. sadly, yes, and the whiners promoting the politics of envy in the press and in public don't help
  4. It was closed, and the car park was empty. Notice to the left, is a gutter? Did that intentionally too.

    Some fuckwit went out of his way obviously.
  5. What's not in the photo at the bottom.
    A gutter, road, divider???
    If there is no access from the rear then someone has gone Bruce on it and kicked it over. What a tosser.
    Was wondering if a car could have tried nah fark it empty car park and a bike.
    Bet some smacky was coming out of a fog and thought it was Thursday. Got there and it was closed and took it out on your bike.
    I would chat up a fi fi who worked there and get into the records.
    Find out which males did not turn up on Thursday.
    Trace them down.
    Axe murder all the ones with track marks and let god punish them.
  6. Yeah, at the bottom of the photo is the footpath, gutter, then road. To the left over the gutter is the entrance to the small carpark.
  7. The same happened to me at work a while ago. Car knocked it over then put it back up on the stand. It was dark and I didn’t notice until I started it and it was running funny. I then noticed the mirrors were moved and that there were scratches on the fairing. Never knew who it was.

    With your bike not having any damage it may have been kids laying it down for kicks.
  8. That's really messed up. I have had all sorts of crap like that happen, including some kids moving the bike out of my driveway and wheeling it down the street... also had some dude back into it when it was on the footpath, and knock it over - at least he was kind enough to leave a note and a phone number. Damage was $150 and we went halves.

    I've been thinking about getting an alarm for my new bike, which is a lot better than my old bike - anyone with an alarm had any problems like this.....?
  9. I have an alarm, and have never had a problem like this. That's probably because I'm very fussy about where I park, when and for how long though, as much as the alarm - if someone's willing to kick a bike over, I wonder if they care when it starts shrieking on the ground?
  10. At least it might make them run......strait under a bus. Karma's like that :)
  11. Hehe one could only hope...
  12. I dont suppose there were any video cameras covering the car park? Could be worth looking into.
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  13. I thought about that but since there is no damage I wouldn't bother. I would make a big stink about it to everyone I knew for about 2 days straight, then I would get back to life, if it happened to me that is.
  14. If there is no damage move on. It's just a part if riding. Every rider has come back to their bike on the ground.
  15. that sucks man, at least the hornets are great in a stationary drop, mine has been dropped before by a stupid friend, the only thing that got a scratch on it was the bar end. Lesson learned, never let anyone else touch your bike. people are ****s.
  16. The ironic part is the only time your bike is on the ground is when you're not on it. Which is a Godsend in itself.
  17. Sad but true.
  18. The irony of the term "pushover" is not lost on me here.
  19. Were there any cameras on the centrelink building? If so, and if you talk nicely to their security people they might help you look through the archives..

    *edit: Just read the rest of the thread. Disregard superfluous comment.
  20. Some fvck-knuckle pushed my bike over a few months ago... It isn't a nice feeling to see your bike "not as you left it"... Some people are knobs!
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