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What kind of helmet do you wear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by CrazyCam, Apr 12, 2013.


What type of helmet do you wear?

Poll closed Apr 21, 2013.
  1. Full-face

    88 vote(s)
  2. Full face, with flip up front

    20 vote(s)
  3. Open-face

    12 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I ask because I'm doing one of those Crash Course things, a first aid and accident management course.

    One of the things that is taught is, where appropriate, how to remove a helmet, and I was curious as to who wears what type of helmet.

  2. Arai full face for me.
  3. Shoei xr1100 full face double d ring straps
  4. shark evoline 3

    chin bar flips all the way around so it can be worn as an open face on the fly
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  5. I got the Rjays SP2. That's a decent one right?

    Fits well but the vent has come off already
  6. Full face.

    ICON alliance tyranny..

    Actively looking for a flip face helmet though.
  7. Perhaps your poll could have had an all of the above?

    I have a few helmets including open face and full faced.
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  8. Currently own a Shoei TX-z, but just about to purchase* a GT-Air which, assuming the models imported here are the same as what I've seen on the reviews, has the safety feature I think you're referring to....removable padding whilst the helmet is still on.

    ETA* assuming good fit etc.
  9. I have an Aldi full faced helmet.

    And a RHOK full faced helmet which is the better of the two
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  10. I have multiple as well. You also forgot to put barely legal pudding basin hat.
  11. Shoei full face.
  12. Shark Evoline 3 flip-up and an AGV K3 full face.
  13. shoei x11.

    i would get an x12 cause it has the quick removeable cheekpads to reduce risk of neck injury after an accident... but i have doubts about the ventilation and i prefer seeing where im going.
  14. Shoei XR1100 - full face
  15. I wear either a HJC FS15 or a HJC Open Face.
  16. Shoe - XR1100 for weekend or more "serious riding"

    Cheapy Fly Trekker Dual sport helmet for commuting and short trips.
  17. Shoei XR1000 with a sticker on the back that reads:

    Soon coming due for a new helmet and will probably go with the X12.
  18. Shoei XR-1000

  19. Err, well, sorry, but this is the first poll I have tried to put up and I thought that "Multiple votes are allowed" was a kind of hint that you could tick two, or more boxes. I promise to try harder next time to cover all the options.

    I didn't actually, as such, forget, I thought that most folk, if they do use such a helmet, probably wouldn't want to admit it publicly.;)

    Makes sense to me, it was that subject that prompted the question.

    With flip front helmets, I think that they might obviate some of the need for folk to try and remove a helmet when someone has breathing problems, and also the flip front helmet that I use is a complete bugga to get off, especially for outside party or parties.

    Back in 1983 or 84, I did a course for bike race marshals on the need or otherwise of removing helmet from crash "victims", run by the head honcho of neurosurgery at Royal North Shore.

    Back then, with fairly slack full face helmets is was possible.... a two person job, but possible.

    Then in 1999, I did a course on motorcycle crash first aid, and found that more modern helmets were MUCH harder to remove in any smooth and safe manner.

    I'll report back on what goes down at tomorrow's course.
  20. But they are so good, you don't need to take them off when you go into a servo.