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What kind of car do you drive? What kind of bike do you ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by SAMB, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. And perhaps a brief description reason for driving such a shit car and such an awesome bike

    Car - 2003 Mitsubishi Magna. Baby seat in the back for the 6 month old. Wife drives it. Loves it. Feels comfortable in it. And she can't drive a manual. In reality the most boring, non-descript vehicle ever made.

    Bike - 2001 Honda Fireblade 929 - I ride it to and from work every day, rain or shine. I weekend warrior it as often as I can out in the twistie turny hills of Greater Melbourne. I love it. It cost me $5,500 and it still gives me a boner. Often.

    I'll never own a Lamborghini but my little Honda that could will accomplish most that a Lambo will for a fraction of the price.

    On a sad note, I'll prolly be stuck with that Magna for another 10 years.

    Your turn.
  2. Cars:
    1. 2006 Holden commodore wagon - daughter has a cello, so need it for the room.
    2. 2004 Nissan Navara - we have a farm...
    3. 1930 Model A Ford - need I say more
    4. 1974 Ford XB Coupe - currently being rebuilt.

    1. Yamaha XVS1100 classis cruiser. Because I can.
    2. Yamaha Virago 250 - my learner bike and the missus bike now.
  3. Have owned lotuses, jags, and even a ferrari.
    Six kids later, less money (lot less money! ) and looking for retirement in 5-10 yrs.

    Drive a 1998 statesman, ride a 2012 ducati m1100.

    Had statesman since new, am trying to make it last a few more years yet.
  4. i drive a falcon AU on LPG & a hyo 650R.

    have had the car for the last 3years, since i got my Ps.

    best of all, the car & bike costs about the same to fill up & do similar kms.

    planning on getting a new car tho in the next few months. eyeing a FG xr6t or may wait till the toyota 86 comes out.
  5. Currently no car, but my missus drives a beep-beep-barina (don't hold it against me!)
    I ride a 2011 CBR250r and have a 1988 cbr250r in storage.

    Plan to get either a VY 5.7l Calais or a Supercharged VY S later this year.
    Next year upgrade to CBR600rr

    Previous cars:
    1. 1990 Toyota Celica GT (first car)
    2. VR Calais 5.0l with HSV upgrades
    3. VT Calais 3.8l with Supercharger
    I miss my VR everyday
  6. Diesel Patrol. I was right in to 4WDing, until having kids, and no spare time.

    I bought the bike to comute, which halved the travel time and fuel costs.

    Now, I ride the bike 90% of the time! One day, I will get back into 4WDing.

    Also have the family Comodore wagon - which is essential with three kids under 7!
  7. Car:
    1995 Mitsubishi Verada xi. It's my first car, I had it for 5 years before the harmonic balancer blew up. Got that fixed and it's been fine ever since. The only other problem I had with it was when it kept stalling all the time. A neighbour came to have a look at the engine and realised that something was sticking in it. He easily fixed it and it's never happened again.

    2000 Virago 250. I'm the 4th owner and it only has a bit over 28,000 k's on it. Before I got it a new front tyre was put on as well as a new rear brake cable. The back tyre isn't very old either, and the whole thing is in great condition. No dints, only small minor scratches. Not bad for a bike that age :)
  8. Got the DR650 for commuting, which is the only riding I seem to get time for these days. Not the most exciting bike in the world but perfectly suited to its current mission profile.

    Got a 1999 Suzuki Carry van. Was my wet weather hack for a while until I hardened back up. MrsB mostly uses it these days, for hauling stuff around for her arts business. The dogs love it but it's probably going to be replaced in the next year or two with a newish Transit for the extra space.

    Family car is a 98 Hilux 2WD dual cab. Scruffy but reliable as a hammer, simple mechanically and perfectly competent as a car. Will run it 'til it dies, hopefully several years hence.

    And, of course, MrsB's Ural. Doesn't get out as often as it should at the moment due to pressures of work but still provides the odd fix of sidecar silliness when a little light relief is required.

    Plus the 2 BMW K100s in the shed which I still haven't decided what to do with yet. A track day special was the plan but relicensing the more or less complete one and then bolting an RB Racing turbo kit on and hunting 'Busas has some appeal :twisted:.

    Oh yeah, and WA's largest collection of composted Volkswagens which I really should get rid of but can't face the rigmarole of selling.
  9. Car: 1991 Toyota Starlet GT Turbo. It's light, it's grippy, it's nippy. It's insane fun and can be driven for a week on $40 worth of fuel.

    Bike: 2008 Triumph Daytona 675. It looks like automotive porno, it's adequately fast, handles like a dream and the sound that comes out of it when you twist the throttle is aural porno. It's basically porno.
  10. Haha...I laughed. Starlets aren't cool though. Regardless of the turbo.

    Daytonas are up there with the coolest.

    Because I'm the guy who tells you what's cool and what's not.
  11. Car: Brand new great wall v200. Decided this was a cheap canvas to put some money into a 4x4. The big still haven't left me behind.

    Bike: 2006 Honda VFR 800 was a great compromise coming from my P's. Misses finds it comfortable. Great for touring.

    Best part both are just about matching paint codes with metallic black.

    Should make some great photo shoots
  12. Car: my lady friend's 1997 Hyundai Excel sedan, potentially the slowest car on the road. Has mags, lowered and a cannon... I had nothing to do with the mods, but I'm impressed with its remarkable reliability (touch wood)

    Bike: 2001 BMW R1100S, not everyone likes it but it makes me smile
  13. Sold my car today! Still have a corolla for my wife.

    Bike VTR250 with freakishly large mirrors (stock).
  14. #14 Tone2, Feb 17, 2012
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    Car 1: Honda Odyssey - 6 seater. Fits me, the missus, our 3 kids and one spare seat. We do foster care, so often full or more than can fit in one vehicle. Likely to be traded in on a 7- seater in the next coupla weeks as we may be getting 2 extra kids on permanent care.

    Car 2: Toyota Corolla. Mostly for the missus. Will become learner driver fodder when the eldest hits 16 next January.

    Bike: Yamaha XVS650. Still on LAMS. Coz there's no way I can look cool in either of those cars.
  15. car: '95 commodore. my first car. had it just gone 8 years. loved it to bits right up until things started going wrong faster than i could afford to fix them. barely touched unless i need to transport some short people living in my spare bedrooms
    lusting after an XR6T currently, but by the time i'm ready to go shopping i may want something else.

    bike: cbr250rr. kept it after license restrictions, initially a self-imposed further restriction, but now it's a currency thing. ridden almost every day, sadly mainly just a commuter due to circumstance. i hit the fun bits when i can, but that's only once every few months

    but my daily ass-mover is a 7.6L, 860nM inline 6 cylinder turbo diesel cleverly disguised as a 10ton truck with optional and loathed 8ton trailer
  16. Cars

    2008- Ve SS Holden ute
    2004- corolla 78 coupe mustard yellow


    Vtr 250
  17. Car BA XR-8, Bikes 1976 Z900, 02 ZX9 Road and 02 ZX9 Track bike.
  18. 90 Mazda 626
    79 UC Torana
    94 Yamaha SRV250
  19. Car is a LS Outlander - fits a large dog in it. I like it b/c the driving position helps my back..I don't have to climb down into it or straighten out of it.

    Bike is currently a VTR250 (popular on this thread, aren't they?), but will be upgrading end June to probably street triple R. May look at other nakeds.

    BTW, any woman who can't drive a manual ought to be shot. Geez people, it isn't that difficult. She also should be able to change a tyre, check and top up the fluids and read a Melways.
  20. I used to be cool, but now I drive a magna - '02 Ralliart. It's the dorkiest car on the planet and I cop a fair load of crap for it! Been there, done that with modified cars so a few years ago decided to go for the most bland daily driver I could think of, just for something different. It's about time for I change I reckon.

    Ride an '11 Ninja 250r, because I'm still on my restrictions. It's pleasant enough, but I'm looking forward to the next bike. Thinking 675 at this stage.
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