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what kind of bike should i go for

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by maddog_1, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. hi all

    I am looking into getting a second bike , at the moment i have a ninja 250r , good bike , but i want to upgrade now,

    i'm thinking of going for 1000cc , and now the question is which 1000cc bikes are good ,

  2. All of them
    Now how about you identify some of what you want in a bike.
    Here… I’ll explain why…
    You see if you watch any given piece of road you see lots of different types of bikes with people riding them. And lots them are happy with there bikes even though they are different.
    This is because they want different things from there bikes.
    Now if we knew what you wanted from your bike, we could maybe give some advice.
    Or… You could read through the “Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions” section at all the good advice people have already given. Maybe someone else wants what you want and its already been answered
  3. Maybe you should lay off people? That's two posts in as many minutes from you that are completely over the top and agressive.

    Now, Falcon lord is very much right, you need to provide some insight into what you'll be doing on it. What sort of things do you like and what is your budget?

    On the subject of 1000's, have you done any riding on anything that is bigger than a 250? Some people believe that it's a matter of a careful right wrist, and others like myself, believe it's maybe a bit to big a step up straight from a 250. Whilst it's true that being careful with your right wrist can make all the difference, mistakes are bigger every time you stick another kilometer on, and 1000s rack up those kilometers stupidly quick. Even a 600 will simply amaze you with it's straight line speed, and they are not a step down from a 1000, they are a completely different animal, so don't feel like your balls will shrink just for having a look. On the road's that mortal men traverse, there is very little separating them, and certainly nothing anybody should be exploring. At those speeds a tiny patch of gravel could turn you into a delicious red smear in a heart beat.

    In the end it boils down to a balance between what suits you and your abilities and what you want. Test ride everything, even the 1000s, or maybe jump back on with some ideas of what your after and see what other members can come up with for you to look at?
  4. Dont be stupid.

    Get a fireblade.
  5. hahaha thats what i did... see my post in the General Section!

    Went from 250 hyosung to a new blade!

    First time i have ridden a 1000cc was riding away from the dealership lol

    but hey its all got to do with your right hand... you'll be fine!
  6. I wasn’t at all aggressive.
    Condescending, maybe, but not aggressive.
    And in the end you have agreed with what I say, so what is your point exactly?
    Any way, let’s wait and see if we actually get some information about what the OP thinks they actually want from a bike
  7. Jason it was the delivery of the message but in all honesty there was no hint of aggression or much condescension, the op's question was not very forthcoming and it is obvious he did not read the stickies which are a wealth of information.
    Please guys stick to the topic and help out the NOOB
  8. I didn't find FL's reply aggressive or condescending at all.
    He is correct, we really need to know what YOU expect from the bike, what kind of riding YOU intend to to. Mostly commuting?, weekend twisties?, touring?, a little of everything?

    No-one's having a shot.
    awaiting your reply maddog_1
  9. Without a serious question there can be no serious answer. I hope no one is stupid enough to think that one 1000cc is 'better' than the other these days, they're all great just a matter of which one you prefer.

    Dont feed the troll.
  10. I guess the other thing is why fix on 1000? There are excellent 675s, 750s, 800s, 1200s, 1300s, 1400s, 1500s, 1800s... Might not want to explore the very bottom or the very top of that range, but picking 1000s specifically is narrowing the search space too far too soon, IMO.
  11. hi guys ,

    sorry i should of put more info in , i am after a sports bike around 16k ,plus i should of put 650cc to 1000cc, i will use the bike for work and weekend rides , i am 185cm tall and weigh 92kg so i dont want a bike that is too small for me,

    i know no one is having a shot and i should of looked at other threads too before posting ,
  12. O.K.
    As I indicated in my original post there are no bad Litre bikes out there, so they are all options.
    I would suggest keeping the CBR600RR and the Daytona 675 in mind as well. (Lets be honest all the 600s have something to offer. The only modern 600 I felt uncomfortable on (I’m also about 185) was the Kwaka (But hey that was me)
    At the moment the 1000 winning all the awards seems to be the Honda,
    The technological favourite appears to be the BWM.
    The Poserboy points still go to the GSXR, and the R1 makes the most grunt.
    Get a leg over all of em…
    Have you considered the Twin options? The SV is a more upright option for that weekly commute though personally I enjoy commuting on a crotch rocket.
    Time to narrow down the requirements and get a feel for what works for you
  13. thanks falcon,

    i dont know why i over looked the 600's , the cbr 600 and daytona 675 both look good , when i get back home , i taken them for a test ride and go from there, thanks for your input
  14. i just seen a yamaha r6 today and it looks nice , i seen some reviews on them and they seem ok , has anyone ridden them and recommended them or should i keep away from them


  15. Which year? I've heard the newer ones are pretty perched and aggressive.
  16. Guidance must come from within, young grasshopper. You must test ride, and test ride, and when you are done test riding, test ride some more. Only you will be able to decide. Now go, off into the wilderness to find your two-wheeled steed. Godspeed.
  17. Any the old ones aren't? :rofl:
  18. Just curious, what's wrong with GSXRs? I thought they look pretty good and in terms of performance, it's probably just a tad behind the Fireblade...
    I've been told that Fireblades and Ninjas are probably more newbie friendly, while GSXR and Ninjas have higher top end. Fireblades have the faster acceleration thou.
    Yamaha's are also great top end but in terms of mid power, it's a bit lacking.

    Or is my info all wrong :S
  19. Everything in this thread really comes back to this. All of them are good. Thats why people buy them. What points people to different models is personal opinion and primary use (trackdays, touring etc). If your after a sportsbike I would not hesitate to say you would be happy with any of the thou's. But if your after my opinion, SP1:demon:

    edit: also, choose your own bike, dont let other people choose for you