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What Jacket to get

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mrs Drew, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Looking for a winter jacket

    I've tried on DriRider & RST but I have the problem that women's ones have been too small on the hips and the mens too big up the top if they fit over my hips.

    I'm going to need a decent jacket for winter as it get's very cold here

    Has any one got some sugestions on brands I could try?
  2. If you're looking for leather, there's stacks of places that'll make them for your measurements for the same as what you could buy a lot of them off the rack for. Definitely worth considering if you're after leather. If you're after textile, I recommend you keep trying them on :( You'll probably find that even tho the women's ones don't fit the hips and you'll have to go to larger sizes, they'll still fit better than the men's ones in the long run. I am constantly pulling my jacket down back over my hips (men's textile dainese) but fortunately it's not intolerable at the top. Ultimately I'd like a leather jacket tho and if I don't find on that fits as well as I want, I'll be getting it made at Walden Miller.
  3. Don't forget too, you want a bit of room in the upper part of the jacket, for stretching arms, leaning over/forward and teh like. So don't discount a jacket that's a little loose just walking around the shop.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. +1

    demand to go sit on a bike similar to yours and similar to something you'd consider riding later on and see how you feel.
  5. Some might say that body armour might feel uncomfortable in it. But i like it personaly. I use Joe Rocket Full 2 pce leathers and find the jacket on that to be quite comfortable, especialy when zipped up to the pants. Plus it keeps out neerly 90% of the cold too. Price wasdnt too bad either, considering the price of skin graphs now days.
  6. certain ixon styles are a more*generous* cut

    m2r also fit well
  7. Hey if you want to check out the IXON womans range go to


    Then select the brand as IXON and select womans category down the side. Sorry direct links don't work on that website. They have a great range and very stylish. The jacket I was wearing on the Anzac day ride was IXON but that doesn't help you much :p
  8. Thanks for the ideas. I'm going to go shopping in next few weeks so I'll see how I go.
  9. Ixon textile has 2 types of cuts, one is loose fit which is more of a straight cut and the other is slim line it comes in at the waist. The ixon brand seem longer (ie they don't stop at the waist they go to the hip), so that when you sit on your bike there isn't a gap between jacket and pants. Also, I found that the Joe Rocket Trixie leather jacket to be generous in the hip area. Good luck shopping and don't forget to sit on a bike with your gear on.
  10. Try a unisex style where the jackets are longer in length with adjustable waist fittings ie: velcro or belts to the area. The extra length & coverage will help keep out the chills (considering your location) & the adjustable waist fittings allow you to personalise the comfort/fit.