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What jacket to get for all year round?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Waldy, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Anybody who knows me knows I am a short stout kinda guy, and need "Stout" fitting riding gear?

    What I am after is a reasonable quality jacket, for all year round, that suits a "Stout" individual such as myself....preferably with some armour, so that if I do have an "Off", I will not need stitches in my extremeties.....

    I see that Dririder have some good gear, but bugger all in "Stout" fitting....

    Any thoughts are welcome.....
  2. how stout is stout?
  3. I have an RST Brando-style leather jacket. Cost about $250. Elbow and Shoulder armour but BYO back protector (has a pocket just not sold with one). I find it is warm enough in winter without being too hot in summer and leather gives you the best abrasion protection. I'm thinking about getting a closer fitting jacket however, as it is a little loose in the upper half and tends to catch the wind on the highway.
  4. I've had my comet perforated leather jacket for long enough to know it works great during the build up in Darwin, yet was warm enough at 8c in Oberon back in April.

    I paid $600 delivered to my door for a custom tailored fit kangaroo leather jacket with custom embroidery in custom colours. Kevlar stitching and Kevlar stretch panels for movement and CE approved armour . My mate has the updated design with titanium elbow sliders for the same price.

    Speak to Karl at www.cometracingleathers.com

    Standard disclaimer, not affiliated etc etc. He just gives excellent service and good prices.
  5. I have only been riding for 16 years, but I am yet to find a jacket that works just as well when it's 35c and dry as it does when it's 1c and wet.

    But I suppose it depends on what sort of conditions you ride in. For example @NothingExpert wouldn't be likely to experience the sort of winter temps I do here.

    @Waldy - keep shopping around, try some different brands. Personally I find the DriRider stuff doesn't fit as well as say the MotoDry or even RJays stuff.

    I'm 178cm and weigh 110kg.
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  6. 163cm - 80KGs :)
  7. Don't know about Sydney weather but I'm with Mick, never been able to get away with one for all seasons. If you are boiling hot or freezing cold you won't be on your game and you need to be.
  8. I have an Ixon vented jacket for summer, which is really comfy, but I think it would be lacking in the armor department.
    I have been looking for elbow and forearm armor, havent had much luck yet....but still looking...
  9. I'm 160cm (5'3) and 75kg. I have an older style Dririder "Alpine" jacket (worn in conjunction with the matching pants and current "Alpine" gloves.) and i have found it comfortable, but i have only worn it since April. So i feel it would be comfortable for 3/4 of the year. shall be looking for a warmer weather alterantive in spring i guess.

    Like the sound of your jacket there Brick.
  10. I would avoid the alpine i had one, worst jacket ever leaked like a biatch in heavy rain, gave it away. dririder my ass lol.

    OP, i would get a high quality unperforated, thick cow leather, simple, black leather jacket, no crazy logos or colours or titainum shit. Will work on any bike at any time and you wont get that wet if the jacket has few zips etc.

    It work on any bike and last you a life time if you get a good one, and for me it was more waterproof than my dririder and if it rains i just chuck on my wet over coat that cost 30$ from mcas and actually keeps water out.
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    +1 @b12mick. Shop around and take your time. Most jackets's armour protection is upgradeable. Forcefield Body Armours are designed for different jacket brands.
  12. Another to throw into the mix is a Tiger Angel Element goretex jacket.

    I have owned one for about 10 years and the fit is generous andhas good adjustability around the waist.
    I find it the most versatile in terms of temp range of all the jackets I have. Its very good in the wet. I used to commute daily in it and would always be dry. It only leaked once and that was while riding 250 klms through a thunderstorm where the rain was extremely heavy and coming at me from all angles for a sustained period of time. Its the only time I have ever had a wet head while riding. Even my helmet couldn't keep the water out and this may even be how the water got into the jacket.

    When its warm, remove the liner and its good in some pretty warm weather.

    I have found it cooler without the lining than my leather jackets in summer and warmer with the liner in during the cold months. If I was going to get on a bike and ride a couple of thousands klms through varied, unknown conditions, it would be the one I would take in a heartbeat.
  13. Another one to consider is the RST Outlast Jacket.


    I've been using mine for a couple of months and I've been very impressed with it. The Outlast liner works well. It does work in regulating body temperature. I've been commuting in less than 2 deg mornings and lately we've had a warm spell of around 12 deg; then it's around 15 to 18 deg on the way home. The jacket works well in that range of temperature. I also have heated grips and recently bought a warmer helmet; so you have to look at your set up as a system rather than just one item. The Outlast liner is thin compared to the quilted liner that you get with other brands; so I don't feel like I'm Michelin Man.

    The Outlast jacket will probably work well into summer, since it has sufficient vents for airflow.

    Also; go for a tight fit on this jacket. There's no need to layer up; because the Outlast liner works better the closer it is to your skin. I wear a thin long sleeve top under the jacket and that's fine duirng winter.

  14. As i said i have an older style, at least a decade old, not the new ones with those stupid ":Airflow" vents. Ridden for over an hour in decent rain to no leaks. but everyone is entitled to there 2c.
  15. Ventilation is the key for summer. I'm suprised how many jackets don't have some zips on the back to let air out. Getting air in, is not usually the problem

    For winter, layers is the key and a neck warmer. With inner west Sydney, you are going to have more luck covering all year as neither summer nor winter are harsh , but I do generally agree that it is a bit of a stretch to get a jacket to cover both.
  16. Yep, big rap for TA. There is a custom sizing function on their website for some products, or you can ring them and ask. Not cheap, but will last decades. I've had a TA Guardian jacket for many years, not sure I would call it 100% waterproof but the Element is as close as you will get.
  17. DriRider has some great textile gear, and I reckon you should be alright with your "stout" frame. I had a DriRider jacket until I ruined it, and then I bought leather which is fairly wind-resistant but the leather gets REALLY stiff when it rains and takes forever to dry out. In summer, I think I'm going to have to get a different jacket or it's going to stink. Badly. Even with the zips in the back, the leather's going to absorb my "manliness" to the point where... Just no.

    1. Dririder
    2. Textile
    3. ???
    4. Profit
  18. I've just recently got myself a new leather jacket - I bloody love it.....

    I tried A* and Dainese.....but ended up with RST.

    I've been using it in the 2C cold.....it is designed for summer use too (layering options etc)

    Other than wet conditions I'd say this is near spot on as an "all year jacket"

    Details in blog ig interested --> http://bitsar.blogspot.com.au/2013/07/rst-new-leather.html
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  19. I have been using a Dririder Symmetry jacket (khaki brownish color) for the last year or so. Advantages - cost 200. Rode thru an absolute torrent in NZ in May and it kept my top DRY. With the liners in thru winter with my thermals underneath no problem. Recently had a lowside and the jacket remained intact.
    Disadvantages - only one color, and it is a waist length jacket not the longer version, so if you are riding in the rain you need overpants that go up fairly high otherwise the water seeps into the top of your jeans. Easily fixed with the overpants tho'. Cheers.
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  20. The RST looks like a decent option for the price. I'll check that one out for sure...