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What I've learnt from a year in Sydney:

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thetrumpetplayer, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. After moving to Sydney from Melbourne, here are the main facets I've learnt from life in Sydney:

    1. There are some lovely roads here, some real twisties, but you'll never get out of 1st gear on any of them because of the immense amount of traffic congestion...

    2. Cagers mostly obey bus lanes and keep out of them, but ignore transit lanes every time...

    3. No riders wear gloves. I feel like I'm the only rider wearing leather GP gloves. Do you think you're invincible if you tumble?

    4. The BMW riders here have this lovely habit of moving to the middle of two lanes to split, but then not splitting and just blocking it up. Why?

    5. Every learner bike, that isn't a scooter, is a goddamned black Ninja 250 with an atrocious yoshi/similar pipe on it. To those of you with this setup: it's like putting a 'fully sick' spoiler on your mum's tarago and thinking it's cool. It's not. Save your pennies for your next bike instead of spending it on obnoxious pipes.

    /rant. :)
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  2. It could be worse...they could all be on single cylinder CBR250's....not only would they make a horrible noise, they'd also be painfully slow...LOL
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  3. Mate have you had a chance to explore the roads north, south and especially west of Sydney, I'm sure you'll be much happier, completely different
  4. I once moved from Melbourne to Sydney.
    Stayed 5 years and learnt the following.
    It was 4.5 years too long a stay.
  5. Where are you riding... Brighton-Le-Sands?

    Take a trip up to the Old Pacific Hwy for some fun twisties albeit it is a cop magnet on the weekends.
  6. You need to get out more :ROFLMAO:
    Head North away from all that crap and enjoy some of the best riding there is.
    The closest good one is likely up to Hornsby down through Galston Gorge, off to Wisemans Ferry, then through Spencer to Gosford.
    That'll put a BIG smile back on your dial, and make you forget the commute :)
  7. I don't know if this will help much, but I always found late on a Monday night is a great time to ride, provided you don't need the sleep. I used to sometimes have a few hours nap when I got home, get up around 11 and head out once I was fully awake and do some of the linked sections. Usually home around 3 hours later, enough for a few more hours sleep before work. Roads are damn quiet so very little to be concerned with traffic wise. Of course, the roads are still rideable during daylight hours, if you're prepared for the traffic (earlyish mornings can work well too, eg, leave before 8am on a Saturday). Will say the McCarrs Creek section has a loooot of cyclists from around 7 onwards, but not so much during weekdays.

  8. Regarding the first gear comment, would you care to list where you have ridden in the last 12 months?

    When I lived in Sydney I regularly rode the old pacific hwy, bells line of road, putty loop as well as trips down the coast to kangaroo valley. I'm not sure which off these you are having issues getting out of 1st gear on.
  9. Well whiners dont like sydney no woder you hated it.

    What you went through all the boys on oxford street by 6 months?
  10. You seem to know 'The Wall' well VC hahahahahaha
  11. Try heading south too, down to the Southern Highlands. Is the area I grew up in and you'll pee your pants at some of the roads.

    And as a Learner myself, I object to your views. I'm on a GT650 with stock everything, full leathers (including full length leather gloves with knuckle protectors and all that jazz).

    I will also wave at every motherf*cker I see on a bike. I don't give a rats if you don't like it. You will receive my wave and you will take it. I am a friendly prick and I will force you to love my friendliness.
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  12. hahahaha. that would be me.. although, i'm in melb!

    Can't us newbies who aren't allowed to ride anything faster do stuff to our bikes? besides the exhaust, what else is there? a pink basket or ribbons won't go well with the black :D

    PS, I realised how bad it sounded after I put it on... stuck the silencer in there and it's not much better! but it's either that or the stock exhaust.. and I've heard that loud pipes saves lives! hahahahaha
  13. Changing the suspension (rather than the exhaust) would actually make you go faster....
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  14. that would be the next upgrade if I think i'm pushing the stock shock to the limit - which I'm certain I currently don't do and probably never will.

    to be honest.. the exhaust was changed in the hope of a better sound and better looks.. :D

    I think about it now and i'm not sure what's worse.. the stock exhaust sound that doesn't sound like a bike or the loud yoshi..... but since I paid good money for the yoshi, i'm leaving it on!
  15. Yes we know that you did it for looks and sound which is why people take the piss out of them.

    Suspension doesn't really work like that, you don't exceed the suspension (well maybe you do when you crash), suspension is what keeps the tyre in contact with the ground, if you make it 10% better then the tyre is on the ground that much more and therefore you will have that much more acceleration....and that is only in a straight line, when you get to a corner any suspension mods are going to help you get around that corner better whereas the exhaust won't help at all. That is why it is funny that people spend money on exhausts when they could get better horsepower at the ground with suspension mods.

    I wasn't expecting you to change it either (though you could sell it and spend the money on suspension), just trying to tell others that there might be other ways to upgrade your LAMS bike than the exhaust which would provide a better bang for buck.

    Don't feel too bad, lots of riders on big bikes have spent money on exhausts not suspension (my two road bikes are stock exhaust though- I got the ZX6 set and I am thinking that I should change out the rears of the shadow soon)