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what it takes to be a moto police rider

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by papermate, Jun 26, 2010.

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    im assuming this is motorbike training for police in Japan, but never the less the reaction skills are awesome if you ask me.


    (far out look at the precision on the line on this one....)


    (mock runnaway from a scooter....lol)

    (this is just a crazy video of a scooter doing a u turn on a highway followed by a motorbike cop doing the same chasing him....)

    i remember when i first did my learners they asked you what you rated yourself a rider out of 10. i said 7.

    realisitically i am a 2.

  2. They have to put their foot down when they stop, weak.

    You have to remember if they mess up they are never seen again.
  3. Brilliant skills! I'm very impressed, especially considering those VFR800s weigh like 240 kgs wet plus the weight of the police gear.
  4. Not so much training as public demonstrations. The 2nd vid's description says it's the Fukuoka prefectural police running a demonstration for a driving school. The low speed run over a plank is pretty similar to part of the over 400cc license test that applies to Japanese civilian riders.

    Oh, and the little obstacle courses are used for motorcycle gymkhana - an organised sport over there and not just for law enforcement. Japan is just way ahead of us when it comes to low speed skills.