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What is YOUR Sunday worth?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Chairman, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Has anyone else noticed that it is getting harder to get a Sunday to yourself? There's only 52 of them in a year, and it seems to me that someone else has pre-booked almost all of mine - leaving bugger all time for riding.

    My kids have a firm booking for every Saturday, and that's cool 'coz they're fun to hang out with. But Sundays - phark me - every bastard wants to "borrow" a bit of my Sunday for purposes that, frankly, rate well below going for a ride. There's always something - family lunches with my wheezy dad and dopy brothers, ex-wives who need help demolishing a shed, helping someone move house, attending christenings for the children of my G/F's distant relatives, mowing the lawn because the neighbours think the place is looking a little feral or going shopping because my significant other thinks my wardrobe needs upgrading.

    After trying to negotiate new arrangements (unsucessfully), I'm adopting a market-focussed approach. I figure my Sundays have a value, and the best way of communicating value is to assign a cost.

    So, as of today, my Sundays are up for auction.

    This is a public announcement. I will check the weather for the weekend and decide on a value for the coming Sunday. If you want me to do anything other than ride, you can bid on my Sunday. Bids will be accepted up until 5.00pm on Friday. Outbid me, and the day is yours - we'll go the mall, visit hospitals, whatever. Underbid, and the day is mine. Regardless of who wins, the proceeds go into a tin to fund my Tasmania trip early next year.

    If this works, I'll move it to Ebay shortly. Paypal will be accepted.

    Bulk Discounts: You can bid on a block of Sundays during the mid-winter "off-peak" period.

    Franchise opportunity If there are any other Netrider who want to sell their Sundays, feel free to PM me. I'm prepared to enter into subcontracting arrangements (I take 10%, you go to the christening and I go riding)

    A last, I think I've found the solution. You get what you want, I get what I want. Happy bidding.

    *I wrote this tongue-in-cheek. I have a sneaking suspicion that I may have just given away my first real business idea. I've no idea if this post should be on "for sale", "humour" or "off topic" so its going in general discussion. I'm sure that, if it offends, a Mod will deal with it appropriately.
  2. :rofl: You crack me up Chairman.

    I'll drink to that ;)
  3. should be in jokes and humor. i pray for your sake it doesnt get deleted :(
  4. Unfortunatly thats sad but true.

    My life, ex wife 'can you help me move this, that, the other'. But Jen were DIVORCED hello, i will do it, promiss but dont expect me some time before 2010. (may be she'll have a decent BF by then to do her crap)

    My Oldest, Chris 'dad can you bring the trailer round, can you help build my pergola, can you, can you'. Son yes i will help with the pergola, put on a BBQ and supply free piss i'm there, as for the trailer, it's in the front yard, it takes the same time for you to drive to my place as it does for me to drive to yours, come and get it any time you like.

    My baby Bec 'dad can you come and service my car'. (grumble, grumble, under breath) 'of course Bec any time' well she is my baby, Dads will do anything for there daughter :)
  5. The secret to a sucessful weekend is to get up early. I can fit in 3 hours of riding before my foxy snuggle wakes up. :grin:
  6. nice write up :D lol
  7. Do what I did and move your weekend. I now have Thurs/Fri to myself pretty much and nobody seems to want you on these days as they are all at work. I still also have every second Sunday as well as Mondays.

    Ask your boss if you can work through the weekend and have a couple of days off mid week (depends of course on your occupation heavily).

  8. Hey chairman, how long would it take you to service my Spada, mow my lawn and tidy the garage? That's $300 worth to me... 1st Bid.
  9. Long time with no posts, Mark, but as usual, well worth waiting for. :LOL: :LOL:
  10. I know :grin:

    I'm my dad's baby, and he even offered to let me ride his bike one day. It's a '91 CBR1000F, and so not restriction-legal. I said no.

    He keeps telling me to be careful when I'm riding. He doesn't want to lose his riding partner. :grin:

    Dad's are great!
  11. Chairman........you are a legend-PERIOD!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: You have too much thinking time!!! :grin:
  12. phunny as all phark, and oh so bloody true .... well apart from the ex wife bit. You forgot to mention washing the dog and that line you love to hear on a warm sunny day, "You never spend anytime with me since you got that bloody bike"
  13. Thats why a) You remain single or b) You encourage a partner to either ride with you (pillion) or get their license. Those that play together..... :wink:

  14. I have a partner with a licence who doesn't enjoy riding like I do. It's a little disappointing, but I look at it like this:

    If he's not there, it's one less person I have to worry about, leaving me with... one! ME! :grin:

    Still, he has said he'll try a bit more.
  15. My wife said "I want you to get a bike to get you outta here a bit!" :grin:
  16. I'm seriously interested in this. But what happens if I win the bid? In return for 10%, then YOU take the heat, OK! Fair's fair. :wink:
  17. Sorry about the hijack... didn't you just break up???

    :rofl: @ Chairman.

    Bloody hillarious mate.

    Phark me if you didn't just touch the raw nerve of every riding enthusiast who looks at the blue sky in pain when they're doing something other than two wheel encouraged air and bugs up their nose. :LOL:
  18. they got back together
  19. obviously
  20. she could have found someone else ;)