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what is your preferred sports tyre?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by DC-autosport, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. other

  2. pirelli

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  3. dunlop

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  4. bridgestone

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  5. continental

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  6. michelin

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  1. ive been testing performance tyres for some time now, what is your preferred brand and model? + tyre size?

  2. I like dunlops for the road (GPR70 [now replaced by Alphas]), but use bridgestone slicks for the track as they're the only ones available in my size (150-165) : (

    I've never tried pirelli or conti.

    All that I ask from tyres is feedback and grip, I'm sure most manufacturers would have models that fit the bill.

    Right or wrong, I stick with what I'm comfortable with and don't have the time, patience or back pocket to be trying out all sorts.
  3. im currently on the Conti Road Attacks, (180/55 r - 120/60 f), haven't had a chance to give them a hard time yet, so i'll have stand with michelin pilot powers as the preferred.
  4. Favourite all round tyre is still the Metzeler M3.
    Currently running Michelin Pilot Power's on the FZR1000, and Bridgestone BT-something-er-athers on the GSXR1000. Not liking the Bridgestones, so am keen to get rid of them ASAP.
  5. Pilot Powers
    Pilot road2

    Anything but a bridgestone!
  6. Front: 120/70 Pirelli Supercorsa Pro SC1
    Rear: 190/55 Pirelli Supercorsa Pro SC2

    Have not been able to fault these tyres yet when fitted to my bike for the purposes of mixed aggressive road riding, and very fast track riding.
  7. I haven't tried Metzeler yet but I've found Pirelli Supercorsas have been exceptional so far.
  8. Pilot Powers - predictable grip, reasonable in the wet and last for a long time (for sports tyres). Managed 14000km out of the last rear on the 9R.

    The Tuono is running BT014 - don't really like em so far - can't 'feel' them properly.
  9. Apart from obviously wear, I have found personally its the warm up period that seems most noticable difference amongst a lot of tyres. Silica technolgy has made roll resistance definitely noticable. They say 3% which is fuggal but it is noticable.
    I normally run pilot roads. 2nd Koma with the "Favourite all round tyre is still the Metzeler M3". Never ever had 1 even close to letting go or feeling unstable.
    I recently ran a Metzler roadtec on the rear of the Bandit 1200 that was without a doubt best wearing tyre I have ever run. Great for touring wear and tear and luggin crappola. Queensland and back, not \:D/ a problem
    Mind you Im a scottish heritage total tightarse git, so for me its always about longevity of the tyre, firstly grip, but its gotta last.
  10. i rode pilot powers in scotland, great tyres, even quite ok in the rain! At right pressure they last reasonably as well. Current bikeh as BT-014's on it, don't have as much confidence on them as the MPP's but I've only done 350k on them yet.
  11. I had Bridgestone Rideen's on the ZXR, and today the rear Battleaxe goes on (the front is already on there, I had to order the rear cause of differing tyre size) so after that I will be able to compare the 2, but to date they are the only rubber I have had on it.
  12. So, you got yourself a Gixxer after all? Why not the Blade?
  13. 1 vote for Shinko 003 Stealth. They crap all over the Pirelli Diablo & Diablo Corsas I had.
  14. Ok, I'll bite. How so?
  15. where's my sarcasm detector? lol

    i love the supercorsas and the pilot powers. i had a cheng shin in the front and that was utter crap. but it was free.

    but these days, i go through free rear tyres like i go through underwear so i'm only really after a decent front tyre that works well for burnouts and stoppies. any of the quality stickies will do the trick.
  16. I just put a Dunlop Qualifier on the back or the gixxer. Guy I know runs them on his 1ltr Aprilia, and he rides pretty hard, so I figure they can't be too bad.
    Heard they're shocking for longevity though.
  17. FZ1N has the Dunlop Qualifiers - Very happy
    Original fitments on FZ1N was the Michelin Road. - Hatted them.
    Super Duke 990 has the Pirelli Diablo - Also satisfying
    On the Ducati 749S - Pirelli Diablo Corsa - Never faulted.

    Yet to try the Michelin Pilot Sports.....
  18. Had Pirelli Supercorsa Pro on the 675 now I,m running Metzler Racetec, K1 on the front K2 rear, happy with them so far!
  19. The bike always felt like the front was going to slide out from underneath me with the corsa. The 003 felt way better when cornering as soon as it was scrubbed in (even while). Maybe the corsa was just stuffed, but I'll will never put another one on especially when I can get a pair of shinko's fitted for $330 (and less at another place).
  20. Must be a profile and weight geometry thing. Being a fan of Pirelli's (and Metzeler - but they're pretty much the same tyres with different treads and brand names anyway), one thing I've noticed is that they need the front loaded up.

    If you ride around in a more upright manner on a bike with a more relaxed geometry, they don't like it. You could even describe it as feeling vague on the front, which is what I'd imagine is what you mean by feeling like they'd slide out. It's not that they will, just that you can't feel what it is that they're doing.

    Stick them (Corsa's) on a bike with an aggressive steering angle, and get your weight down and over the front wheel for aggressive cornering and they really come into their own, with immense feel and feedback, and cornering to stupid lean angles (>50°) with complete and total confidence.

    It's the age-old thing. What tyre is great for one person and their bike, may be inappropriate for someone else on their different bike.