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What is your motorcycle racing/industry experience?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. From time to time we get riders offering riding/racing tips, it'd be good to know what experience these people have for us to know how much 'worth' we should put in their words.

    Maybe riders can list their experience here, I expect a lot from Alex G. I'll dig-out my history and post something soon.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not comparing penis' here, I expect many to have more, and different, experience than I. It'll be good to know everyones history.
  2. On this subject, how would you classify someone like Jeremy Burgess?

    He's not a rider of any note (that I know of...although he may have had a go at one stage or other...anyone know?) would his opinion on riding mean more than a racers? More than an low level experienced racer? More than a qualified motorcycle instructor?

    Is a person who knows more about motorcycle kinematics better placed to instruct than a person who gets on a bike and rides it fast?
  3. J.B. was an A grade Racer in Oz, during the 70's.

    People still talk about the Laverton TT, when Kenny Blake beat Ago.
    Burgess was 6th in that race, if I remember rightly.
  4. J O can you even remember all the jobs you've had in the industry to make a list? :shock:
  5. Ha! I may even be looking for another one soon! My life has been a full one that's for sure.
  6. How about Murray Walker? He never raced anything yet he is referred to as an expert. Is that ok with you or not? Even on here hornet600 has no racing experience yet he seems to know a thing or two, how can this be?

  7. Mmmmmm, wanna put $$$ on that?

    From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murray_Walker

    "He also briefly competed in motorcycle races himself." - So the "He never raced anything" comment is wrong :wink:
  8. On the road - since 1968 on, riding everything from 90cc to 1200cc including off-road. That includes being paid to deliver telegrams on a CT90 for a while.

    Lots and lots of long distance riding.

    On the track - supporting and pit work for my brother in law who used to race in SA back in the days of RD Yamahas. Including lots of days riding around tracks and running the pits for a few Advertiser 3 Hour races and a fair bit of time at Mac Park.

    Most embarassing moment - getting to do some laps on Gregg Hansford's spare bike, coming back in after thinking I'd been riding as hard as I could go, feeling pleased with the way I'd been riding only to be told "You could have thrashed it, you know - you didn't have to take it easy" :oops:
  9. Given the threads title is "what is your motorcycle racing/industry experience," i'd say Mr Walker has a little industry experience.
  10. I've never raced, so you can take anything I say as bunk :cool:
  11. Right back at ya 'champ' :roll:
  12. John,
    is it necessary to be a racer and/or have industry experience to be able to pass on riding tips to others?...that's a pretty slim definition to be judging peoples 'worth', I reckon.
    I would think it depended more on the individual, their ability and willingness to pass along what they know? From my own experience, some people in the industry could'nt find their arse with both hands, so that qualification doesn't fly for me.

    I'm not a racer, nor am I in the industry...but I do pass on tips about general riding if I think I know something that another rider may not, and it might help them. It's based on my experience, and my advice or tips end, where my experience ends.
    Beyond that...it's up to more accomplished or experienced riders than I...and that's usually what happens. Trouble is...most of those riders don't fit into the these two catagories either, from what I have witnessed at NR.

  13. No need to bro, I'm here aetsch.

    I knew where to look because I posted in the same thread icon_wink.

  14. .... and at the Hughie Hoare endurance race this September

    89 A John ORCHARD Suzuki GSXR1000 35 46:18.504 5 Laps 1:04
  15. :shock: Faaark! J.O I'm MORE than impressed :) Soon as I get my track bike I'll get to one of your race school days.

    Thanks Kish :)
  16. Thanks John, I think you are correct, not having a lot of experience does not mean that you don't have valuable points to pass on, I actually feel that someone that has only just started doing track days could very well offer more relevent info to a first timer than someone with many years experience.

    I guess I meant by long industry experience, I meant an interest & connection with other riders to assist with accellerated learning, but as you say, just because you work in the industry, if you aren't an enthusiast with a yearning to learn, I guess you may not be able to offer much.
  17. I guess if you have been a crew chief for a MotoGP team, motorcycle magazine editor or a commentator in the GP paddock, that would be industry experience.

    A dedicated constant exposure to the sport would surely teach you something, I think it is good for everyone to pass on their experiences, I think there are many intelligent people willing to listen to everyone and be able to make up their own minds.
  18. A little bit more (just coz I had it typed out, thanks Kishy :wink: )

    '74 Started racing MX - Suz TM125
    '77 10th BP Mallee Rally 400km enduro. As an 18 yo I rode my TS185 to Mildura for the event!
    '78 Two broken ribs.
    '78 Severed left knee cruciate ligament.
    '82 Raced Melbourne Showgrounds & Olympic Park Supercross. - Suz RM250Z.
    '82 Graded B grade motocrosser.
    '83 Broken right collarbone.
    '84 Motocross tester for Trail & Track dirt bike magazine.
    '85 Started instructing at Frankston motocross track. - Yam YZ490N.
    '86 Right knee ligament reconstruction.
    '87 Switched to roadracing Superbikes - Yam FZ750N.
    '87 Stars of Tomorrow - crashed, unconscious 2 days. Yam FZ750N.
    '88 Stars of Tomorrow - 6th. - Stafford FZ1000
    '89 upgraded to B grade.
    '89 240 kph crash P.I. main straight - Suz GSXR750H
    - All bones torn out of left wrist.
    - All bones broken coming from right wrist.
    - Broken right ankle.
    - unconscious for two weeks.
    - burst blood vessel in right eye.
    - All vertebrae bent up left side of spine.
    '90 Competed at Brands Hatch, Mallory Park & Snetterton UK. - Suz GSXR750H
    '90 Competed at Isle of Man TT races - Suz GSXR750H
    '90 2nd 600 Supersport race Laguna Seca USA - Kawa ZZR600
    '91 1st Hartwell Expert Championship - Suz GSXR750L
    '91 3rd Victorian 251 - 1000cc Championship - Suz GSXR750H
    '93 Baron of Broadford meeting A, B & C grade - 1st overall - Hon RC30.
    '94 14th Australian Superbike Championship Kaw ZXR750K
    '94 Upgraded to A grade ranking.
    '95 9th Australian Superbike Championship (1st non factory bike) - Kaw ZXR750K
    '96 20th World Superbikes - Phillip Island - Kaw ZXR750K
    '97 19th World Superbikes - Phillip Island - Kaw ZXR750K
    '98 Thunderbike lap record holder, Winton 1.30.1 Hon VTR1000
    '98 Thunderbike lap record holder, Broadford 60.9 Hon VTR1000
    '98 World Superbikes, Phillip Island - Broken right hand, broken right foot - Hon VTR1000
    '99 Broken right collarbone - Aust Superbike Champs, Calder Raceway - Kaw ZXR750M
    '00 Raced Daytona USA Yam R1.
    '00 3rd GP Pro class, Hallett 4 hour, Oklahoma USA - Yam R1.
    '00 Formula 40 3rd, Hallett, Oklahoma USA - Yam R1.
    '01 4th GP Pro Daytona, USA - Yam R1.
    '03 Left & right artificial knee replacements fitted.
    '04 2nd Aust BEARS Formula 1, Production Championship.
    '05 2nd Victorian Thunderbike Championship, Benelli 900
    '06 2nd Victorian Thunderbike Championship, Benelli TnT1130.
    '06 Severed bones, nerves & muscles to left foot.
    '07 Instructor at Broadford roadrace school.
    '08 Return to roadracing - mid field A, B & C grade Superbikes - GSXR1000K6.
    '09 Victorian Superbike Championship pending funds and scheduled hospital visits.

    All of that racing and hospital time (and bike blow-ups & crashes) came out of my own pocket, could explain why I don't own anything now.

    If Factory thinks I am just a 49 yo ride-day rider, I think he may be mistaken. And no I don't envy anyone. I do respect Anthony Gobert & Malcom Campbell, two awesome riders that loved their sport & respected their fellow riders.
  19. I've still got that 96 world supers on VHS, awesome display!

    Goshow was at his peak, a truly memorable experience.

    BTW how many bikes finished in those two races? :?
  20. Johnny, please list the injuries that you haven't had, the bones you haven't broken, and the Bike shops that you haven't yet worked in.

    Save us all some time.