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What is your Leprechaun name

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Jeffco, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. A bit of fun......


    For the record mine's Stumpy McSmelly after a few beers and a kebab its not far off it :shock:

  2. Tater McNoodles, appropriate, really, two of my favourite foods :LOL:.
  3. Goldie McNoodles, We may be related Hornet ;)
  4. No way am I answering this ... I've seen that movie "Now You See Me" :eek:

    Anyway mine was woeful :D
  5. Haaaha. Warty McNob
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  6. Stumpy mcfearsome
  7. Tatter O'Rainbow
  8. Sprinkles McSpud.
  9. Fin Mental
  10. Stumpy McWoozy

    Exactly how I feel waking up on Monday mornings.
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  11. Tater McKnuckles
  12. Stumpy O'Wobbles
  13. Greenie McTurnips
  14. Greenie McSmelly
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  15. Clumsy McWhiskey
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  16. Tater McWoozy
  17. Bleary McTavern

    That'd be effect and cause...
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