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What is your favourite dish/food

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. good to see everyones different taste in food..

    mine is beef shish with onions and capsicum with chips or mash and a greek salad, also mushroom sauce for the beef..

    I went to ribs and rumps last night at homebush after watching my bulldogs lose to scummy eels :evil: and was amazed to see shish on the menu, they call it mediterranean beef spear, and let me tell u, its the best ive ever had, it came out on a sizzling hot plate and the waiter takes it off the skewer for you, yum yum yum, i nearly blew :shock: :grin:

    bit pricey but after digging into it, u dont care how much u pay

    always has been my favourite and last nights dish made sure nothing else ever will be my favourite..

  2. Sarma :) they are cabbage rolls with meat and rice.

    Another fave is the crispy fish with tamarind sauce and coconut rice that they make at The Spirit House (Thai place I go to when in Qld, Sunshine Coast I think it is).

    Food is good lol

    Nothing better than having good friends over for dinner and a few glasses of wine :grin:
  3. humble pie
  4. what? no cevape
  5. My mum used to make the best sarma, but my older sister is pretty close second. Haven't had any in ages.

    My favourite food would have to be roast pork with crackling an' apple sauce, an' roast taters an' pumpkin an' a nice green salad.
  6. Epic breaky post big night out:
  8. mmm burek, what about punjine paprike
  9. Yeah they are great! Going to making them through the week ;)
  10. Do you make your own dough?
  11. Turducken with a side of haggis and washed down with a glass of tabasco.
  12. If I have the time then yeah, do it from scratch and make a lots. Otherwise filo works just as well :)

    Pecenje is pretty good too :grin: Spit roast for everyone else ;)

    We should just rename this the balkan (pc correct for Goz lol) food thread :LOL:
  13. Mate, if you're going to go all gourmet on us, then I'd have to say ......
    black pudding with a side of fried eggs and bacon washed down with a nice cuppa tea.
  14. Black pudding is an acquired taste.... cant say I have mastered that yet lol

    Another one of my faves is Chocolate Souffle - it is absolute pure calorie laden bliss :grin:
  15. lol nah, as u can see i love my shish kebabs, not from the balkans, but yes, i love my balkan food also, just had cevapi's, now for the cevapi burps
  16. Double Quarter Pounder wih Fries and maybe an apple pie. :LOL:

    Nah seriously....................................................................MEAT.
  17. Never been able to get into cevapi, always found them too salty, but raznici is another thing ... love those.

    Punjene paprike always gave me terrible wind if they were the green ones, but I'm fine with the red ones - go figure.
  18. grab nearest cardboard box and start eating, thats what u get at maccas, yuk, should be banned lol
  19. Hey he lives in Sydney, maybe you should invite him around for some real food. :p
  20. hehe u serb or cro?