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What is your computer doing when you are sleeping?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Just a heads-up to anybody who is going to try this - watch your power bill. It WILL go up by a noticeable amount.

    Also, you should check what temperature your PC runs at before and after a few hours - most are full of dust and junk, and not used to running at 100% CPU for so much time... if your fans aren't working properly, you're effectively ensuring an early death for your PC (would you run your bike without a radiator? :p )
  2. sorry, but what is this? vaguely heard of seti couldnt tell you what it is though.
  3. Yeah, if you live in a tent.
  4. Here in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne I am being slugged 16.5 cents per kilowatt hour of electricity. My desktop's power supply is 450 W, but I reckon with the processor at full bore but the graphics card doing nuthing it probably draws 250 W tops. That means it costs me 4 cents per hour to run my desktop with the monitor and speakers off. It's pretty cheap, but I suppose if you get *really* serious about running that program each night it might cost you some money, like $10 per month for 8 hours per day. :p
  5. mines busy downloading stuff, or running games that need time put into them without being supervised.
  6. Joined but it'll have to share time with folding and seti...
  7. How will this affect my gay hawaiian midget beastiality downloads?
  8. what games?
  9. Hasn't affected mine too much to the point where it's noticeable.

    Shits me to tears though that Jason stars in all of them. :p
  10. X2/X3 got to let those factories make money/ships while you sleep!


    did the seti and the cancer research stuff for a while. Was planning on building a little network of old computers(for the Cancer stuff) the ones you see getting chucked out(or put into sheds). Never had the room for it.
  11. Ahhh Vic , I'm a member of Boinc@Australia.

    Been crunching seti since May 03.
    Got Seti & Genetic Life running on laptop.
    Had Einstein going there for a while on pc. Just haven't gotten around to
    putting it back on after last reformat.
  12. It won't..... unless Manbearpig tracks you down.
  13. Are you serial?!?!??
  14. *stomps with right foot* I'm serial!
  15. I wonder what my pc gets up to?
    Having a byte to eat?
    Getting a Bit?

    Now I'm worried.....
  16. The guy next door told me his laptop has been gaining weight and missed its last monthly download - ever since then my PC has been sitting there with a very guilty look on its monitor. :roll:
  17. Never heard of this before :?
    Is it fully legit :?: Not just wasting my time??

    How much downloads does it use?
  18. You need to download & install the BOINC program HERE then select what project you wish to crunch & then attach.
    Once your project is attached, your pc will request work units to download.
    Only time there is any data transfer is when you request or report a WU

    More info in the above link.

    I've been with it since 2003. Been around long before that.