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What is your average fuel consumption?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by bottleshark, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Less than 15km/L (greater than 6.67L/100km)

  2. 15-19km/L (6.67-5.26L/100km)

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  3. 20-24km/L (5.00-4.16L/100km)

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  4. 25-29km/L (4.00-3.44L/100km)

  5. 30-34km/L (3.33-2.94L/100km)

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  6. 35-40km/L (2.86-2.50L/100km)

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  7. Greater than 40km/L (less than 2.50L/100km)

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  1. Hi there, I was wondering what fuel economy figures are around here!


  2. Usually dead on 4L/100kms (450kms from 18L tank)

    I just filled up today after 2 weeks of uni break, so 80% of my riding was thrashing around some twisties. I had 200ml of petrol left when I filled up after 350kms, so about 5L/100 kms.

    Certainly took me unaware, I went to take off in heavy city traffic (at the front of lights) to find the bike had stalled. Damn ipod! :D

    By the time I got it onto reserve and turning over, the light was red :LOL:
  3. But if people didn't keep bringing it up, how would I gloat about 250cc fuel consumption ?:p
  4. You mean there's another poll for cruisers?
  5. No, I mean there's at least 10 fuel consumption threads. A cruiser is a motorcycle, fuel consumption figures from other bikes are relevant.
    What, do you think cruisers are somehow different?

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Sorry :shock:
    I just thought a poll would show up the figures nicely
  7. didn't buy a bike for fuel savings.

    But considering the car got about 3 mpg, I am sure to be ahead.

  8. Of course they are. Compare the fuel economy between the Hyosung GT250R and GV250 and you'll see a difference, despite being the exact same engine/gearbox. Factors such as wind resistance of an aerodynamic fairing/screen vs sitting up into the wind for a start will come into play. I don't know by exactly how much, but I reckon it would be significant.

    Personally I get about 6lt/100km (1602cc) no matter how I ride the bike. I can be more fuel efficient if I wanted to be, but that wouldn't be any fun. Once I sort the windscreen out in lieu of the long trip, I'll see how much it changes this figure and post the results.
  9. Wow! That's a fantastic resource... Thanks Bluesuede!
  10. My MuZ Traveller gets beyween 21-24km/L depending on the riding style at any given time.