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What is wrong with my Firefox?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. My Firefox after being open for a few hours, starts to play up.

    I try to scroll and it hesitates, I click on a link and it hesitates for at least 2 seconds. It does what you ask of it it's just slow.

    Restarting the browser fixes the problem.

    Is there anything that needs to be set somewhere?

    I do run it with about a dozen open tabs at a time. I've always run it this way and it's never caused me any grief up until now.

    Any ideas?

  2. sounds like your ram is playing up, when is the last time u formatted your pc?
  3. You reckon? I'm not so sure. And if there was an physical issue with the RAM I can't see how formatting would be relevant.

    If you haven't already, uninstall then reinstall the latest stable version as a starting point.

    Edit: Export your favourites first just incase ;)
  4. formats fix everything lol, i format mine every 3 months, gets rid of al the crap out of your system
  5. You might have to if you are running a PC. I, my good man, are running a MAC :p

    If my RAMM was playing up, I'd expect it to cause all of my programs to run in a "jaggered" fashion, not for it to single out Firefox.

  6. often I find flash roots the browser on slower machines. check your cpu usage when you have firefox running.
  7. well theres your problem malaka, MAC is not where its at :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  8. 2 idiot comments in the one thread :p

    Vic it sounds like you need to reinstall firefox, it may have become corrupted and you get memory leakage which causes the problems you describe.
    Update it to the latest version of firefox. even if you have reinstall it.

    Have you recently added any add ons that may have caused the problem?
  9. my firefox works fine :grin:

  10. It sounds like a memory leak to me also.

    I'd try a Firefox reinstall, if that doesn't work then you could always try Safari (which is a bit faster than Firefox).
  11. I had the latest version.

    I downloaded it again and dropped it over the top 10 minutes after I made my initial post.

    It seems to be behaving for now.

    Will report any changes tomorrow after it's been running for a while.
  12. I'd use Safari if I could work out a way for it to stop resending the previous page when you hit the back arrow.
  13. its an intel mac 2.0ghz running 4GB or RAMM. Sure it's not the fastest out there but it's no slouch.

    CPU usage is minimal (22-35%) and RAMM is running at around 40%.
  14. I.E. 8.0 (y) :LOL:
  15. If it still pays up I'd be disabling the addons one by one, chances are it's one of the latest ones you have added conflicting with another.
    Another culprit is javascript conflicts, have you got the latest java?
  16. Firefox has always been godawful slow - I'm surprised you've never noticed before. Just hang out a while longer until the new Safari comes out (already on beta).
  17. Firefox is actually well known for it's memory "leaks".
    Although in reality they aren't actually leaks because when you kill the browser the leaked memory is cleaned up as you have noticed.
    It's just that Firefox is really bad at releasing memory on the fly, especially on websites with lots and lots of flash or sites that autorefresh themselves (because every refresh ends up on the history list...).
    You'll probably find that there's a specific website that's causing this issue if you care enough to try and track it down.
  18. I don't have any performance issues with FF on my MB.

    FF on my work Vista machine keeps on crapping itself. But I shall resist IE8....

    I find Safari, even the latest Beta, isn't as quick as FF.
  19. ya. firefox on my pc regularly creeps up to around 400mb. No matter what version, it has a nasty tendency to reserve memory for things like streaming video, and not release it. The longer your browse, the bigger it gets.
  20. No real issues with firefox on this mac either.
    IT occassionally shits itself and crashes but thats a networking conflict at work which confuses firefox when changing the settings for some weird reason.