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What is this?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by geeth, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Not to sure if here or tech torque is the more appropriate place for this but oh well.

    I took the tank and box off my bike today. Attached to the air box was a tube with a fluid in it - thicker then water / fuel more like a thick oil. I am just wondering what it's for.
    heres a pick

  2. Just a drain isn't it? (to drain out any fluids that find their way into airbox) Isn't that a tap or rubber butterfly valve on the bottom end?
  3. According to the parts fiche for your bike , it is a drainage tube. Part no. should be 92192-0325
  4. Ahhh cool.
    At least because of asking this I found that I forgot to connect the breather hose.
  5. Everything all back together now.

    Just wondering, why is a drainage tube needing with an airbox?
    more to the point how does oil and water get in there?
  6. I expect there's a breather from the cylinder head or crankcase that vents into the airbox, to return vapours back into the combustion process. The yellowish stuff is emulsified oil that has picked up moisture, probably condensation introduced when the engine cools, or is run for a short distance. I did the same check on my CB1300 recently for its 30,000km service, and got all of five drops from the equivalent tube.

    It's a reminder that there's a fair bit going on with engine oil when its heated and cooled so often, and reminds us to change it at the factory service intervals. Good on you for doing all the little stuff.
  7. My tube was pretty much full.

    Thanks, I like doing things myself it keeps me entertained. Would be doing as much servicing as I could myself but I have a warranty on the bike so I need to take it in.

    Though my air filter will need a clean soon. Next weekend probably.
  8. i have a similar thing on my car, it usually clogs up with crap, thick oil which is white. though there is somethign wrong with the cage, meh tahts what the bikes for.

    btw i have same thing on my bike too. connects to the upper of the rocker cover i believe to suck up condensation and oil vapours for combustion.
  9. Unless , it's geeth's new home enema kit.... :LOL:
  10. ummm :oops: i told you not to tell others.
  11. learn some stuff ya goose.
  12. I'm learning stuff, just no point paying for a warranty and then having it voided by doing at servicing myself and not taking it someone.

    I have the service manual etc and could probably do alot of it but while the warranty is there I will take it in.
  13. The tube should be cleared so that if you get too much rain into the air box the engine water ingestion in minimised.
  14. Cheers, I emptied it that night, as leath now what to look for.
  15. what do you mean it was full ?. must be that QLD air. i crashed mine on sunday but at least my drain tube wasnt hurt
  16. Bike mechanics check them and clear them when full. If it's full it can be a symptom of a problem.
  17. It was full with that oily crap.

    How did you crash?
  18. Hmmm, starting to quetion if the 6k service was really done.
    Looks like I am somehting to do on the weekend.
    Will see how it goes after that.
  19. went wide as the guy in front went wide as target fixation dropped on in. this lead to the dirt which in turn lead to a tree and then a scrubby hill. rode the bugger home though
  20. is the oil filter new ?. we can look on the weekend to see if it looks like it has been done