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What is this white powder in my helmet?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by seefu, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Thread title is not a joke or anything. I have an RJays helmet and it appears to be growing some white powder on the foam part mostly above the eyeline.

    Anyone have the same thing? Anyone know what it is?

    Cheers, Sandy.
  2. mmm, Darwin...wet season...I'm guessing its mould
  3. Mould or salt from your own sweat.
  4. Tatse it. You know you want to.
  5. Bloody clandestine speed labs crop up everywhere don't they?
  6. You sweat don't you?
    It's quite possibly salt as sweat is salty water and once the wet stuff has evaporated all that's left is crusty stuff.
  7. i say mould.

    salt i doubt cause i've ridden in 40 deg. days for roughly a week, the worst sweat imaginable (f*ucking hot!) and no sign of anything like that in helmet.
  8. Do you leave your helmet locked on your bike while unattended?

    Sorry, couldn't resist ;)
  9. Dandruff???
  10. I have a funny feeling that I've had the same thing happen in my (postie) helmet and having ridden in extreme heat I used my experiences as an indicator. Of course there's a problem there, hands up all those that wear their helmet for anywhere between 4 and 6 hours straight 5 days a week?

    Mould could be possible too but would helmet mildew be powdery like the OP mentioned?

    Something else to consider. Seefu, do you use hair product? That could be a factor to or maybe it's the worst case of dandruff on the face of the earth :p
  11. as said,....sounds like white mould
  12. Haha, sweat and mould have both been the main suspects. But after seeing the sweat dry in my friend's helmet, it was completely different to how mine looks.
    His was just like waves of dark grey stuff whereas mine's a fine white powder.
    Ah well, either way time to put it in the wash I guess.
  13. I have gotten home from long rides in summer to find my t shirt under my jacket with white salt lines on it from the sweat, mmmmm tasty

  14. Salt from your sweat. If your helmet has a removable liner - and you can be bothered - then nows the time to wash it.

    Oh, and if you do taste it... it'll be salty. Like sweat.

    Cheers - boingk
  15. Go on, just a little taste - it's not that salty...
  16. Anthrax??
  17. wrong helmet...
    or IS it...?!
  18. Def not dandruff. I don't have that problem or any hair products. I keep my hair short.

    Seems like a hard place for sweat to get to though.. Seeing as it's in front of the face and it's on the foam which I am not in contact with.

    I'm not game enough to taste it :p What if mould is salty too. Can't differentiate between the two
  19. I keep a clean work place :p (Or try to anyway... Darwin =.= )