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What is this part called???

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by SarcasticGamer8, May 31, 2011.

  1. Need help. Who knows what this part is called and if it can be purchased separately to the fork unit?

    I have one copper/brass and one black one on my bike.
    I Would like to change them both to black but don't know what it is called.
    I have checked the manual and parts book but it is not listed or referred to in either.



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  2. I think you'd find that's just the bottom part of the fork stanchion. I reckon it's one piece all the way from the top triple clamp down to the fork seals. Why the lower end is black on one side and gold on the other, I don't know. At a wild guess, the bike's had an issue of some kind and they've replaced one fork leg from a slightly different model or just the same year-model but a different colour scheme. Sorry.

    If it really bothers you, paint them both black.
  3. I know it has definitely been changed. My model should be all black.
    The previous model was all gold colour.
    My bike has a black fork with just the part in question in gold. So I'm guessing it can come separately.
    I might take your suggestion and just paint it.
  4. After reading the wikipedia article on motorcycle forks I'm going to say that your gold coloured part is the fork tube and that the stanchions are the part that slides in and out.

    Please note that I'm taking an educated guess here.
  5. Um not really sure but I think that's all one part. On a USD fork it's the outer or upper. I don't think that lip bit at the bottom separates from the rest of the outer. Check and see it the black one is just a sticker.
  6. Here I found the exact part you need.

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  7. You got a pic of the other side???
  8. This isn't my bike. I'm at work so don't have a pic of mine to post.
    Pretty sure I will be using the rattle can to fix it.
    Got to buy some anyway as I will be experimenting with painting some Maori tribal art on my fairings.
  9. Arn't the forks anodized, therefore paint may not stick or even look the best,
    compared to the other fork.

    Why not just go to a wrecker and see what you can get.

    It's a hyosung, has to be plenty of them at wreckers by now....
  10. How the F would I know if it is anodized. Bahaha. I just want to spray paint things. It's not like my bike has resale value. Especially since the lowside.
  11. Yes it is anodized and yes you can paint over it. Or tape it. Or maybe Hyo use a boot.
  12. They are $450 each + post from Korea, which probably means HyoAu will sting you about $900. Other wise try www.whichbike.com.au he breaks a lot of Hyo's.

    They are anodised.
  13. Pics of yours would be nioce..
  14. Depending on how much you want to spend Electromold will do bike bits. They have a range of different coatings so can probably advise you on what you can do.

    On the other hand if you are not worried a spray can is cheaper :)
  15. Pics of mine would be nice. The avatar shows it if you really want to look hard.
    I will take some pics this weekend if I get a chance.