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What is this part and what does it do?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Dakotabre, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Morning.

    Was hoping someone would be able to help me out here, I was doing a bit of maintenance learning yesterday, and when I took the back brake pads out, this little metal springy plate fell out of the calipers. I assume it's meant to be glued or soldered in there, as it looks like it's got 'marks' where the glue or solder has been, but now I can't, and the people I was with, couldn't figure out how it goes back in place, we tried a few different ways but it made a horrible noise each time the back wheel was spun. Sooo cause I had to get home after doing this, we just left it off. The brakes seem to work fine without it, so just wondering what does this little plate do? Is it really important?

    If your not sure what part I'm talking about, here is a link to the part sheet, it's part number 13.... This is for a CBR 600, but my bike is just the 125. so even from this parts sheet I can't see how this place goes on because mine looks a little different.

    Sorry, due to works computer issues this morning I cannot just save the picture and upload it here, and I don't know how to do the good looking 'link' lol,

    Part No. 13

  2. I think the thin metal plate your referring to is supposed to help reduce brake squeal. Not sure of this tho.

    It is not glued or soldered in place it just sits there and is usually held on place by the steel pins which go through the actual calliper that you would have had to remove to pull out the brake pads. The pin I am referring to is nomally locked into position by a small split pin at one or both ends.
  3. It's to stop chatter. It's held in place be the pad pins (19). It is meant to be a springy fit. i.e. you will need to squash it a little to get the pins in.
  4. Hmm, as far as I know, there was no pins (19), the ONLY pin type object I pulled out was... 1 pin that runs through the end caliper case and through the ends of the actual brake pads, that pin is nowhere near that little plate (numbered 13) - The picture above on the link is for a CBR600, and mines a 125 so I think the rest of the parts are different, I just used that picture/link to show the actual piece thats fallen out.

    But since you said it's to stop 'chatter' I assume that you mean it's just to stop any rattling noise? it's not making any rattling noise without it though, maybe thats just lucky then??

    Thanks for your responses :)
  5. Ahh. Missed the bit about the 125.

    Most bikes only have the one pin. Above still applies. If it's a rear loading caliper, put the pads in, put the mystery plate in, hold it with one hand and slide the pin in. It's a bit tricky to line them all up, but not too hard.
  6. Those clips or springs in brake systems have slightly different functions on different vehicles, but as ibast said, they mostly stop the chatter of the pads against the disc. Not the chatter when using the brake necessarily, but the chatter caused by the pads rattling around against the disc when the brakes are released. You wont be able to hear that while riding, but it will wear the pads, pin(s), etc. in abnormal ways.

    Worse, on some brake designs, like mine, the clip/spring actually holds the pin that holds the pads in place. That is, it holds the equivalent of part 19 in place, preventing it from working its way out, which would result in the pads jamming, or dropping out of the caliper. Very bad, that.

    The clips/springs like this in brakes are often very hard to get back in, since they need to be under a lot of preload to do their job. No matter how hard it is though, you had better refit this clip.
  7. Thanks heap for you replies...

    I did manage to get it back in with the brake pads back in, but when I spun the back wheel, it made a loud grinding noise, so I 've taken it took it back out, and there was little grey shavings of some sort so I think it shaved a bit of brake pad off?? So then my boss tried to put it in... he has currently got the spring plate in but it's sticking about 1.5cms out the back of the caliper however it does seem to be sitting there ok and I took it for a little spin round the carpark and it seemed ok and didn't make any noise, but I don't think it's right... I doubt it should be visably sticking out the back of the caliper?! I've managed to find someone to come round tonight and try and get it back in place properly.

    Thanks again :)
  8. Hey Mike,

    Thanks heaps for that diagram :) I had googled before posting this topic, but couldn't find one, so I appreciate you taking the time to help out :)

    That little spring plate is now in place properly and all is fixed!!

  9. Ur welcome

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  10. When doing mechanical stuff, a digital camera is your friend!