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what is this bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by shady_knife, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. what is this bike?

    my dad would like to get one (as his dad had one) his dad can't remember what it was (model and year)

    my grandad came to australia in 1949, so it would be from around then. i've looked online, but the ones i see seem to always have this "tube" looking part at the rear wheel.

    so does anyone know what the model and year of this BSA are? any ideas? places to look?


  2. don't spose you have a bigger picture of it? My money is on it being a Norton (model 18 maybe) from the early 50's since it's a rigid frame, pipes are fat at the engine and narrow at the ends like Norton did, timing case on the right runs to behind the cylinder... def a British single.. but a better resolution picture would do wonders.

    the more i look at it the more I am sure its a model 18.. http://www.classicmotorcycles.org.uk/bikemuseum/images/norton/norton_model18_1950_500cc.jpg
  3. no i don't, i could enlarge that picture.

    the photo i have is tiny.

    we think its a BSA, seems to say it on the tank... we're checking now...

    that model 18, in my pic it doesn't have those two downward pipe things...

    edit. we can make out 3 letters on the tank, and the middle is definitely an S, so yeah we're pretty sure its a BSA.
  4. its a bsa.

    it looks like a 1950' b33. but the engine looks like that of a b34. perhaps its a b34 in a model styled like the b33. with an m33 style

    1952 b33 500cc single



    note the bigger cooling fins on the cyl

    maybe the m33 but the donk still looks wrong

    on second thought i think its prob just a b33 with the engine polished and it looks bigger than when its black
  5. My money's on it being a BSA C11G 250cc, from the early 1950s.
  6. see in those pics you posted slic, that slight angled vertical tube thing on the rear wheel, it doesn't have that in the picture.
  7. 1951-bsa-c11.

    found that after googling "BSA C11G 250cc"

    that looks like it, except no pillion seat..
  8. The 'vertical rear wheel thing' is the rear 'plunger' suspension. Your picture shows a rigid rear.

    That C11G looks to be it - I'd assume the pillion seat was an option, or simply removed on the 'google' bike.

    If you want confirmation, I'd contact the Classic Motorcycle Club of Victoria or the BSA Motorcycle Owners Association. They would be the place to start looking for one to purchase anyway.

    You might try calling vicroads to see if you can get the records for the plate, but I don't know if you'd get anywhere.
  9. If it was not registered in 1982 it never went onto the computer database.

    There is a club who can offer the service of looking it up who took over the paperwork of rego details may years ago.

    Classis / historic club ?????? Federation ????

    Dave d
  10. The AOMC have the old Vic Rego records but they are not complete and they can only give certain information. Oh and that bike looks like around a 49-51 or so BSA rigid single. The C series was a 250 the B series was a 500. The engine and frame numbers will identify it exactly if you have those. The 'Plunger' frame (which is what I presume you mean by the 'tube' bit at the back?) started a bit after that.
  11. The first post war C11G had girder forks. Teles were introduced in late '46. Plunger frame is from '51 onwards so somewhere between these dates.