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What is the requirements for displaying your number plate?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by matt232, May 12, 2005.

  1. I know that the rego label has to be displayed on the left or front of the vehicle in victoria. But what about the license plate, any regulations for this?

    What is the changes that this would work in Victoria?

    If it is legal then whats the chances that the new rear facing citylink cameras would be able to deal with it?
  2. hmmm. i've seen a few custom choppers in NSW with their plates put on like that, but they're a law unto themselves really. (the bikes in question had no mirrors or indicators either i think). and i'm pretty sure the cameras won't pick up a plate mounted like that :p you should just stick some of that stainless steel sheet metal next to the plate like the hoons do. the camera can't see your plate! (i don't think)
  3. it has to be fully visible from 10m when looking streight at it from the back... I have payed twice the $127 fine coz my plate was a bit bent upward...

    EDIT: There is an actual formula for how the number plate has to be positioned ie. x amout from rear wheel at such and such angle and it has to have a LIGHT!
  4. I've seen a few cruisers with the plate mounted sideways and AFAIK that is legal.

    Bending it however I think would cause problems with the Plods.

    What we need is a little LCD screen over the holder like on calculators with a thumb switch. Press the button, run a few volts through it and the LCD goes dark.
  5. Hmm... interesting. So a say, 5 foot metal sheet hanging out horizontally from just above your plate would still have it visible from a legal standpoint, but neutralise toll cameras? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p
  6. It might get the cars to back the hell off too :LOL:

    As a highly evil thought which end of the city link system is active? If it's the gantry and not the etag you could rig a circuit that picked up the gantry "looking" for an etag and automatically black the numberplate. Get it tuned enough and you could probably get away with it even if you had a cop hard on your tail.

    I've got too much time on my hands don't I? :roll:
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  8. I've seen that on a bike before - not that I would condone it!
  9. I saw a Fireblade a few months ago where the guy screwed his rego sticker so it covered the letters of his number plate.

    I wonder how long he has gotten away with that
  10. What about mounting the plate on a servo operated hinge? Hit the button and the plate flips up revealing a dummy plate...
  11. I've seen quite a few ingenious and down right stupid ways of concealing plates.
    - 'Oops my rego sticker swung round again and blocked part of my plate.'
    - The triggered electro-translucent-glass (or sumfin like that... its too early to think properly) which under a slight current will turn completely opaque; just looks like the numbers have dissapeared.
    - The servo driven mechanical number plate flipper; both the one that flips it up flush with the bottom of the bike, and the one that actually spins the plate a full 180ยบ.

    I think all of these methods have been done to death, and the plod knows what to look for. As for the dummy plate idea... who wants to donate a plate?

    edit: When i was tinkering with putting together a servo driven one... the biggest problem i had was finding a compramise between a fast servo action to get the plate up quickly enough, and enough resistance that given a firm wobble by hand it wasnt going to feel like it would bend up easily. The servo was going to be hidden up inside the empty space between the pillion boot and the fairing with a drive spline of sorts coming down looking like it was holding it in place.
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  13. I'm not sure if i saw this one or another clone in action... but i wouldnt risk my license to one of these things. They're just like a number plate cover with a lense over one or multiple sections of the cover to warp the numbers/letters at that point.

    They are obvious and theres no way you could talk your way out of it. Far better idea to have a highrise pipe too close to a plastic numberplate cover and have it accidentally 'melt' a little. ;)
  14. get caught doing that and it's a BIG BIG fine and offence. Same with those plastic diffusers. There is still an offence called "Plates calculated to deceive" or something extremely similar I think.