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What is the relationship with the bain-marie?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Reesa, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. This is an interesting phenomenon I've witnessed in both summer and winter. Blokes hugging the bain-marie when ordering lunch. Are spread on the top of the counter, pressed as close as possible. As I said, it's occurred in summer as well as winter so it's not a question of warmth.

    What is is with this? Does it hearken to our prehistoric days of defending food they'd successfully attained? The need to press their breasts 'Midnight Express' style onto glass just because is feels good (you know it does)? *GASP* are you pressing something else?

    Is it affection for food? Is it so no one else can see what today's offerings are? Why?

    Have at it chaps. Tell me what you know.

  2. I can only speak for years on the other side of the counter and say that the last thing I felt like hugging was the bain-marie!!!
  3. Trying to lean forward to look down the server's top?
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  4. I guess, server today was a dude though
  5. Was it Hornet?
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  6. Heh, no.
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  7. warmth = comfort.

    As a chef summer + Bain's = wanting to melt...
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  8. Honda owners!!
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  9. Maybe they were trying to look a little lower this time?