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What is the red sign on Stoner's Ducati for?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by powinc, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. What is the red sign on Stoner's Ducati for?

    It's looks like a bar code, but it does not get a mention on the Ducati Racing website. I wonder what it is?
  2. I think it's to do with tobacco advertising taboos - Marlboro.
  3. Yes, I agree. It is red and white and the same shape as the old Marlboro ad.

    But is very obsure.
  4. It's the same on the Ferrari F1 cars at locations that ban cancer stick advertising.
  5. Yip, Marlboro is a sponsor but due to "advertising restrictions" on cigarette advertising, its been changed to "bar code". In Qatar it was a Marlboro! I guess no smoking restrictions in the middle east!

  6. One of the smartest marketing moves ever in my opinion.
    They are not allowed to display the marlboro logo (or any tobacco brand) in many countries and as a result Marlboro have cleverly adopted the barcode in place wherever the sponsorship logo would normally be placed.
    Now whenever anyone sees the barcode (white on red) now it automatically mentally registers as marlboro (once you are aware of this of course) and as such probably does a better job of advertising the product without any of the health warnings ussually associated with it.

    Basically it has made a joke of the anti-tobacco laws.
  7. As it should.
  8. I'll have to agree to disagree on that one. :)
  9. I'm surprised they don't make Stoner walk into the "after race interviews" for podium winners with a cigarette in his mouth (in countries where its allowed). It shits me when I see Lorenzo sitting there with those stupid Chupa Chups in his mouth!
  10. Nah good on 'em. Tax the shit out of them, and let them sponsor our sporting teams. Big dollar sponsors are hard enough to come by already, so don't be bagging a bloody lollypop either, they're helping pay for your entertainment.
  11. I'm gonna buy a packet of Marlboro right now. What's good enough for Stoner is good enough for me.
  12. Can you grab me some, and a 4pk of bush chooks too, rog?

  13. Nah.....Galouises for me. Christian Sarron was heaps better than Stacey.
  14. Agreed, i'd love to see what impact the banning of cigarette advertising has done. I'm guessing none. If people are gonna smoke, they're gonna smoke, simple as that. They just dont do anything for me!
  15. I better write a list.

    1 pack of Marlboro for me.
    1 Gauloise for VC.
    4 Wild Turks for Joel.
    1 Carton of Rothmans each, for Gardner, Doohan and Lawson.

    Is anyone sponsored by a Pizza shop? Gotta cover the 3 main food groups.
  16. I never knew what that red barcode was but wondered what it was! Now I know!
  17. Got some cheap smokes at the GP, $20 for two packs - Marlboro too :cool: At least I was helping Casey out :p
  18. That's the only cheap thing there.
  19. Hey i got this one on the Saturday....

    Just wanted to demonstrate the bar code (and show off hehe)

  20. You get a free Carton of Marlboro for that one, Eve.