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What is the penalty for slugging a politician?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by quietman, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. I kind of agree with the Polly in question. I know plenty of people who struggle to make ends meet, but when it comes time for kids and medical expenses it just has to happen.

    The guy is basically saying how come I don't get access to a free specialist immediately. Pop-politics has led to families with kids believing they're entitled to everything at tax payer expense.

    Specialists are expensive, if you need to take your kid to see one, foot the bill. It's not my fault he's unemployed.
  2. He said he had some sort of disability with his feet that made it virtually impossible for him to work didn't he?

    take a day/week/year in his shoes, would you risk forcing your family to sleep in the gutter to find out what is wrong?
  3. Personal responsibility has to kick in somewhere I'm afraid. Do I feel sorry for the bloke? Of course, who wouldn't, but we have a relatively generous public health system. One I use very little but get slugged major taxes for using. I don't begrudge it, I'm sure one day I will need it. But the line has to be drawn somewhere.

    Let's stop a moment and look past the mans situation to what he is saying he believes to be warranted. Would I be incorrect that this man believes that there should be more specialists in every single field that specialists can specialize in, completely subsidized by the government, to ensure that there are little to no waiting lists for those that can't afford private health insurance/specialist visits in the private system?

    He should be thankful that this country has a base level of care to ensure at least some standard of health and check his sense of entitelement at the door.