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What is the most 'low-brow' superbike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Shibboleth, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. One of the guys at work was asking about my bike the other day, and asking what was the difference between a naked bike and a sports bike, apart from the fairing.

    To illustrate the difference, I went to Google Images, and pulled up some photos of sports bikes. The first one I went to was the GSX-R, and I was surprised by how many ‘bad’ bikes were there – bad paint jobs, extended swingarms, etc. I started to wonder, is there some sort of correlation between the images in Google, and the demographic that buys the bike? Is there a ‘low-brow’ superbike? Which one is it?

    So in the interest of science, I did a Google Image search on each of the major superbikes on the market at the moment, recording the results that showed up on the first page of the search results. These are the images that Google thinks best represent the interests of people searching for those bikes.

    The Good:
    Aprilia RSV 4 – One (very small) wheelie.
    Honda CBR1000RR – 1 fugly paint job.
    BMW S1000RR – One model on bike, one wheelie.
    Ducati 1199 – One wheelie, two models on bikes.

    The Bad:
    Kawasaki ZX10R – I’m going to give them a free pass on the ‘ninja green’ as NOT being fugly, but otherwise – two fugly paint jobs, two bizarre bike mods.

    Yamaha YZF-R1 – One wheelie, one fugly paint job, one extended swingarm

    The Ugly:
    Suzuki GSX-R 1000 – two skimpily-dressed girls, two wheelies, four extended swingarms, five fugly paint jobs and one stunt (standing on front wheel)

    Suzuki Hayabusa – One girl with boobs out (safesearch moderate my ass!), one skimpily-dressed girl, six extended swingarms, five fugly paint-jobs and one crime against motorcycles (search and you’ll see it).

    Using this highly scientific method, it’s clear to see that the Suzuki’s are by far the most ‘low-brow’ of all superbike manufacturers. Does this fit with what other people see out on the street? What does the average squid ride?
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  2. The 'Busas got a big rep as the fastest road bikes, so everyone who was buying for bragging value bought one... and then there's a strong correlation between that mindset and the mindset that does truly hideous paint jobs and mods. (And uses women as decorations.)

    Personally I think an extended swing arm on a 'Busa is an abomination, but there ya go.

    Can't really blame Suzuki for making the fastest production bike if that attracts geese...
  3. couldn't find boobs out girl on busa.....not happy.
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  4. As demonstrated by the results if you do an image search for the Kawasaki ZX-14 (or even the ZX12R).

    Edit: So not something specific to Suzuki. Just something endemic to any bike with a high top speed and/or hp figure on paper that's relatively affordable.
  5. The term 'gixxer squid' exists for a reason. And here is their king:

  6. So how would the OP rate the Hyosung GT650R and Daelim by this criteria?
  7. They're not superbikes.
  8. omfg...
  9. Since when are we rating things down for featuring boobs?
  10. Took 3 pages to get two clothed girls, OPs credibility is completely shot.
  11. Google's search algorithms are a law unto themselves
  12. :LOL: I hope everyone realises that Google image search actually remembers your past searches, and optimises your results based on your search history ;).

    So if you're not getting boobs coming up, what have you been using the internet for?
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  13. i use rarbg.com for p0rn torrents...respect my 300gb of p0rn and how dare you question my use of the internet.
  14. [MENTION=34918]87crisis[/MENTION] delivers :D
  15. There's a difference in the results you get for searching 'Hayabusa' and 'Suzuki Hayabusa'. Try the first one.
  16. Yeah, if you leave out the "Suzuki" you get pictures of a train that looks like a duck.
  17. The aforementioned crime against humanity:

  18. And this is what happens when you combine search terms 'gixr' and 'hayabusa'. Shield your eyes.