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What is the longest you should ever have to sit at a red light?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. I think the best thing about commuting with my camera on is that it lets me put actual numbers to how much time I waste at shittily-timed lights. My commute this morning was 11 minutes. Of that, I spent three and a half of them at one red light.

    For the evening commute, I was asked to pick up some dinner by the girl. How long did I wait to turn to go to the restaurant? A hair under five minutes.

    Am I wrong here, or is that just ridiculous?
  2. I work shift so I'm out on the road at times that everyone else is in bed, one way I go home 2 sets of lights do not change at all, EVER... So I avoid that particular intersection, it ok during the day when cars trigger it, but the bike doesn't... Even pressing the pedestrian crossing thing, gets a green man, light stays red!
  3. Outside my work is a new set of lights with a bus depot next-door.
    The sensors are set such that my Spada won't trigger them (confirmed by an RTA digger I've chatted to while he was making adjustments...), so if there's no pedestrians pushing the walk button, I resort to sneaking out after a bus.
  4. God I wish those people would just suck-start a shotgun and save us the suffering of them being amongst us. "Eh, **** motorcycles. They can wait and sweat while the temperature on their bike climbs and climbs"
  5. I was outside having a smoke one day and noticed him buggering around with the walk buttons.
    So I mentioned that I ride a light bike and was having trouble with the lights - he basically said that he could adjust them to under the weight of the bike and me, but at that point they'd also be triggered "randomly" by people crossing the road etc, and the bus companies would complain blah blah blah...
    It was actually his advice to wait for a bus to get a green on my right, "make sure you're safe" and head out behind them.
  6. 1 minute at a non major intersection. 2, maybe 3 max at a major intersection.
    Of course, i should just get my hands on one of those remotes that makes them change :p. They were a hit on ebay and i missed out :(.
    Probably wouldnt work anymore anyway :p.
  7. About 10 minutes at the corner of Dorcas & Pickle street's one night, well after midnight...

    The trick is to ride up on the footpath of the road that has the green light & push the pedestrian button :)
  8. Any idea how those changers work? I was told the sensors are weight-activated so I don't get it...
  9. Have you tried putting the side stand down on the sensor? Usually works...
  10. That's definitely something worth trying, thanks Pleats!
  11. They are actualy magnetised sensored so picks up the metal on your vehicle, those things u stick on your bike are magnets
  12. The lights on my parents street never sense the bike. Called the roads authorities a few times and they said they'll put an additional sensor or 2 in the road. If that still doesn't work I'll use MV's trick of pushing the pedestrian button to change the lights.
  13. The longest you should ever sit at an un-triggered red light is..... until you are sure there are no cops/cameras around ffs we don't all have to be sheep do we?
  14. It's usually an induction loop in the tarmac, when a metal object passes over it induces an electric current in a coil of wire, which in turn triggers the lights.

    Not sure if they are weight activated also...
  15. From my conversations with vicroads was told they are not weight activated but rather sensed in the way described above.
  16. yeah i'll just go through if no cameras and no one around when the lights won't change for me.
  17. Red lights should be like stop signs, stop, look, if clear GO. End of problem.
    Any dickhead who causes an accident going through the red gets ritually disembowelled on the spot.
  18. Have got to say on my recent road trip to Sydney last week that was one of the things I took notice of most. Some lights had a sign on them saying you were allowed to turn left on red as long as you came to a complete stop and you were free to do so, did it a few times and felt weird. Oh and the fact you couldn't make u turns from unsigned lights.
  19. They are not weight sensitive,
    But you must ride into the square on the ground where the loop is,
    Some times I even push the bike backwards over the loop again to make it trigger,
    I also pull far enough forward, so the car behind me actually triggers the loop for the lights.
    If you pull up outside the loop on the ground, the lights wont trigger,