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What is the lifespan of riding boots?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Iondah, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. <12 months

  2. 1 - 2 years

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  3. 3-5 years

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  1. I've had riding boots for about 9 months now and they are starting to fall apart.

    The bits you use to pull the zips have snapped off (replaced with bits of coat-hanger) and now the soles are starting to come un-stuck.

    Admittedly, these are a pair of $200 "Thomas Cook" cheapies from Peter Stevens and I do wear them every day, but I was expecting them to last a little longer than this.

    So, how long have your primary riding boots lasted (so far) what were they and how much did they cost?
  2. I get 1 -2 years out of mine, some times longer, depending on amount of time on the bike and how much walking I do in them. Current boot is a Sidi Vertigo Tepor boot 499.99 rrp
  3. Current Feldsheer boots are just coming apart after 18 months of light use.
    Previously, R-jays ankle boot fell apart after about 9 months, Frank Thomas boots lasted about 2 years (still usable but let in water).
    Still got some BMW low cut boots that are 6 years old, but the soles are starting to get a bit thin after some heavy use.
  4. My Alpine Stars are about 7 years old now, had a few minor repairs with the soles separating, but still usable even after 3-4 offs. I plan to get some new ones before summer.
  5. I guess it depends how often you ride in them.

    I've had Sidis and Gaerne, and they've both worn very well, easily both lasted over 2 years, stacks and all.

    In fact I reckon most of the wear occurs when I chuck them in a corner of the room and they lay crumpled for days.
  6. I bought my falcos in February 2005, worn them just about every day, the right zipper only zips up about halfway and the soles are slicks now, and they let in water, but I've never given them any kind of waterproofing treatment. I guess I probably would have done... ummm 60,000 - 70,000km in them? Something like that. They've lasted well I think.
  7. Don't buy crap boots guys. :LOL:

    Daytona Flash: 3 years use, 6 days a week, 10 hours a day. Use for riding, walking... anywhere I end up actually as the bike is my only transport.

    Still look more or less the same as when I bought them. Zippers all still work, still waterproof (as much as any boot), even the sole is still in good knick. Leather is a little worn, courtesy of a couple of crashes, but still in excellent condition. In fact I've never seen any kind of footwear last as well as these things. Couldn't get rid of them if I tried! :grin:

    They go for about $300, if you can still get 'em. Only downside, IMO, is the innersole quite hard, and has only got harder over the life of the boot. I'd buy a size bigger next time and put a fluffy insole in or something.
  8. By the way, Iondah, you're not the only one who's found the Thomas Cook quality to be somewhat lacking. Koma's have fallen apart too - not sure if he's on his 2nd or 3rd set of boots now (in 3 years). Seem like they're a brand to avoid!
  9. I would be pretty upset if a pair of boots only lasted 9 months. I guess it depends on how much you wear them. If you wear them everyday then they are going have a much shorter life compared to someone who wears them every second weekend for only a few hours.
  10. My current set of boots are 5 years old, and they are just about due to be replaced. The waterproofing is long gone and the lining is ripped but the actual boots are still solid, the soles are still attached and the zips and velco still work properly.

    I'd estimate that I've done about 50000kms in them.

    The brand is Hein Gericke.

    I'd be happy to buy another pair but as far as I know they aren't being imported any more.

    I will support the comments about not buying cheap boots... they don't last very well and in the long run you'll spend about the same $ anyway.
  11. Ihave a set of alpinestars touring boots of the non waterproof kind.
    I've had them 3 years and had the zips replaced and the souls restiched at medal boots.
    they are now like brand new and I can see them getting another 3 years out of them.
    I treat them with snoseal as well for waterproofing and they seem to do well.
    They were very cheap at a peter stevens sale when I got them so the $70 repair bill was a "service"
  12. My Falcos are 15 months or almost daily riding. Still going strong.
  13. A* boots are starting to leak a little but still fine if I remember to polish/dubbin them and that's after 38,000kms. Not wearing out and worn everyday.
  14. UM, wow, this is embarrasing , my 1st pair of Alpinestars lasted 16 years. I probably did 170,ooo kays and wore them everyday at work for a few years there too. They were re-soled/heeled 3 times . I finally gave them up cause my gear lever had worn a hole in the top of the foot and I couldnt keep the rain out after that :LOL: . The leather is still like brand new, so soft and beautiful. They were this steel metallic blue colour with 3 thin bands of different shades of blue at the top. Next set was a pair of Falco and they died after 2 years. Now back to the A* again, but the quality now is nothing ike it used to be.
  15. I have a pair of Rossi boots that I wear pretty much everyday, all day. They've lasted so far, 2 years (and one crash, so they don't look the best any more, but good enough with a regular polish), and have no sign of wearing out any time soon
  16. My first pair of Rossis lasted less than 12 months. Then bought a pair of A* waterproof touring type boots lasted 3 years (I need to replace the leather where the gear lever rubs, but apart from that, they're fine...I just wanted new boots :LOL: ) and are still used as spares for pillions, etc. These are *super* comfy and still look good.

    I now have a pair of A* SMX3 Goretex which are almost 3 years old and I love them! Comfy, look good, they've worn well (I'll need to replace the soles soon, but that's to be expected), they're warm and waterproof...I've never treated them with a waterproofing :oops:

    I imagine my next pair of boots will also be A*.