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What is the law

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Removed_User6, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. I have been on the phone now for 50 minutes and they still cant find the answer .
    If you know the answer and where it is written (referance ) please help .

    The question is :
    when coming off restrictions is it midnight on the day printed or as of 0001hrs that day ?

    on my licsense it says
    End restrictions (20-2-05)
    now I have had everyones interpretation of it .

    what i am looking for is in writing that says it is at midnight that day or they have ceased of that day
    (in writing)

    say you were to be pulled up or booked on that day , and you were going to contest it then for it to be law it must say when it is effective of to be booked

    I need where it says it in black and white .

    thanks in advance .
  2. this is what vic roads say , but they dont say when its efective (as above)
    You are permitted to ride a motorcycle if you hold a motorcycle licence (or motorcycle learner permit). The licence code 'R' (Rider) will show on your licence. All probationary laws and conditions apply. In addition, for the first 12 months after your motorcycle licence is issued, you cannot:
    ride a motorcycle with an engine capacity of more than 260cc.
    carry a pillion passenger.

    When you hold a learner permit or probationary licence, you must ride with a zero blood alcohol concentration (BAC). This also applies for the first 12 months of holding a motorcycle licence if you also hold a full car licence. The end date of these conditions will show on your licence immediately after the 'R' licence code.
  3. I realise this is not a black and white written answer somewhere but the way I view it: your restrictions start on the day that you pass your p - test. So, you must wait 365 days until that ends (366 for leap years). Therefore you can ride a 1000cc firestorm on the anniversary of you passing your p-test.
  4. It means that on the 20/2/05 you can ride anything and pillion anyone.
    simple and in black and white.
  5. I asked my neighbour (TOG) and he agreed with me now just gotta find where it is in writing, but your restictions end on the 20-2-2005, you will legally be able to ride larger bikes as of the 21-02-2005
  6. Yep as after 23:59:59 on the 20/02 your able to burn your across.. and ride something bigger
  7. yay, a good old linchin' an a burnin', aint had one of those since tham thar student backpackers passed through these parts a few year ago

    /end redneck hillbilly talk

    i would tend to agree with the concensus and wait till the 21st to ride the beasty just to be on the safe side.
  8. well i finally got hold of someone who told me of the legislation act
    it has two parts , i will place both here and see what you think each says .

    now what i was told it refers to the acts , as in differant acts and when they and there rules or laws are effective and when they cease.

    also if that doesnt answer it they revert back to the oxford dictionarys interpretation of the meaning end or restriction.
  10. what is the penality for breaching your restrictions ?
    how many points ? fine? court?

    i couldnt find it, does someone know?
  11. the penalty is well known, they place orders upon you in court to ride an Across and only ever an Across untill you die! :p
  12. I would suggest that were you pulled over on the 20/2 that you would have to pretty pharken unlucky to be done for riding the wrong size bike.
    The LEO would have to be the meanest SOB on the planet to ping you for it :wink:
    I got done on my 750 with six months to go and nothing was even mentioned about the restrictions still enforced.......got pinged for another offence still but hey shite happens.
    Mate take a deep breath and get out on Sunday and have a ball :LOL:
  13. There may be some confusion here :D . Legally, you can't ride a bigger bike until 20/2. You can burn your Across any ol' time.
  14. I am not sure what the problem is here and there is no need to look for any written law because if you read what it says it 100% clear.

    Your licence states: End restrictions (20-2-05) and if there is no other time associated with that date as soon as it becomes 20-2-05 you are a free man.... you don't need a written law as it is written on the licence.

  15. correct
    coz the 20/2 does not end until 23.59.59
  16. I reckon it's Midnight on the 19th.

    The restrictions end when the calendar says it is the 20th.

    Now the 20th begins at 0001 HRS after the 19th.
  17. Last time I looked it was a $105 fine and no points unless they wanted to take you to court. Possible but not likely.

    I got pulled up on my 1100 about six weeks before I was off restrictions (123 in a 100 zone). That cost me a couple of hundred and 3 points but not even a mention about the size of the bike although he was on the radio for a long time which is a bit of a bugger, sitting on the side of the road watching the world go past being the subject of other peoples amusement.
    :LOL: :LOL:
  18. As of 00:01 on the 20th you are legal to ride any capacity motorcycle

    Same as having to wait 3 months to go for your P's test - you are eligible to sit your test on the 3 month "anniversary" of when you got your L's.... You are "off" your restrictions 12 months after then. :)
  19. Are you sure? I am positive that the HART guys told us that we had to wait the day after the day of our 3 month anniversary to do our P's. eg. 3 months and one day or the test would be invalid.
  20. Dont tell anyone but I went for a test ride on a slightly larger capacity bike on the day is said my restrictions ended. I recon if the licence said restrictions end on 20-2-2005 then they mean you are unrestricted on that date. If they mean 23.59 on that day then they would probably have printed restrictions end on 21-2-2005. Anyway you would be pretty unlucky to be done on that day if it isn't the case. If in doubt leave it parked in the garage til midnight on the 20th (bet you can't....)