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What is the hardest part of the P test?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mon_4u2c, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Hi

    I am new to this netrider forum and i've found it very helpful... i am booked in for my L's course in two weeks at Campbelltown run by 'Ride it Right' school. I've been unable to find these guys on the net to see what other courses i could do after i complete my L's and before i go for my P's - does anyone know what the 'Ride it Right' school offers as in courses or what i should be looking at doing after i've completed my L's course????

    Also i've heard that the hardest part of the P's test is the U-turn is this correct? i've been told that the U-turn is actually the same size as a signal garage space is that right??? i find that hard to believe.....


    Mon :)
  2. When you get your L's from then on you should ride your bike as much as possible and you'll pass the P's easy. As for the hardest part of the P's would be getting there, well in my case.

    They should give you a little applet when you've done your L's, explaining to you about courses they have to offer or something like that.
  3. :wink:
  4. Practice

    What would be enough practice? like everyday? i guess this would depend hey

    I can't wait to get my L's

  5. Welcome to the forums Mon :grin:
  6. Pretty much when ever you can. once your use to your bike and riding without stalling you could go to a quiet side street and practise a few things like the U turn and cone weave as these are the things that most people find hard, but each person is different so you might find them to be easy.

    What bike you planning on getting if you don't already have one?
  7. the


    don't put your feet down

    instant failure
  8. Going for my L's!

    I've bought myself a Yamaha Virago 250 i love the cruiser style looking bikes...i've also heard that these bikes are hard to the P's test on? i am not going to sweat it and give it a go

    I've already taken the bike out to a park near me and been able to ride it up to third gear and do a turn so i think i am off to a good start???

    What will they teach me on the L's course - i guess things like which foot should be down when taking off etc... i think i still need to know these kinds of tips...

    thanks for the welcome guys.... i am so surprised that there are not alot of training schools around sydney/west or even riding instructors???
  9. Re: Going for my L's!

    From what ive heard they are easy to do the test on, although the people i've heard it from might be at different skill levels as those who say its harder to learn on them?

    Yeah, your off to a fine start, And for the foot thing, put your right foot on your back brake and your left on the ground and thats the way they teach you in the course if my memory serves me right.

    I can be a riding instructor! although my technique will have you doing wheelies and stoppies on your 2nd day of riding. :shock:
  10. P's test

    Cheers and thanks!

    I am still working on my balance... but with practice i'll get it!

    I do agree though we do need more private instructors out there rather then going to expensive schools... so many driving schools and not one cater for motorcycles that i've seen

    i could be wrong....
  11. I heard the coffee is pretty bad.

  12. Re: Going for my L's!

    Nah, not that hard. I passed the ACT test with zero points lost on a Yamaha V-Star 250 and I'm nothing special.
  13. The hardest part of the P test is trying to focus on riding while your head is full of rubbish like "what if I get it wrong?" or "I heard this bit is tricky". All you'll do is psych yourself out and that's when you stuff up. The trick is to simply relax, not worry about that stuff and just ride. :wink:

    Ride a lot on your L plates and learn (as well as practice) what as much as you can about riding. When you're ready for the P test, you'll know it and just ride in the test like it's any other day. :)
  14. Hardest part of the P test was me was resisting the urge to redlaunch from traffic lights whilst on the road ride bit of the day :LOL:

    Its all pretty easy, but if you have a cruiser/faired bike the uturn may be a little difficult, but definately doable.
  15. hello and welcome :grin:

    i'd love to tell you wots in the P's test but i have never done it :p

    enjoy your time on 2 wheels and be safe :)
  16. worst thing about P's test?...............................nerves!! :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Every rider handles the test differently, and amongst other things, your style of bike is a factor. The best advice I can offer is to practise the test regularly beforehand along with your roadcraft. Find a carpark, mark out some of the course if you can (the RTA website has details), practise your low speed skills, particularly tight turning. You will get to know where your skills need some honing.

    Nerves definitely can be an issue as it's a long day with the test at the end. The anticipation can be agonising. You need to be confident that if you've done the work, you'll pass the test. One thing I found was that it was important to show the instructor during the day that you know what you're doing & you're not reckless. They have their rules to follow during the test, but they do remember stuff like this.

    Good luck and enjoy.
  18. P's test

    Great thanks everyone! i feel a bit better now...
  19. Hi there and welcome to NR. I'm a newbie aswell and I got a Virago 250.

    I'm still on my L's but I practice as much as I can of slowriding and cone weaving.

    I can tell you that the U-Turn on the Virago is Really Really easy. The virago has a really tight handle bar turn so when you're approaching it - just keep your balance and pull the handle bar all the way and you'll find that you'll beable to clear the U-turn smaller than what the RTA course draws out even - just keep your balance.

    Now - with the Cone weave..... that's another story on the Virago.... I just perfected the art the other day but it honestly took so Weeks and weeks and weeks to get it ....... it's a long bike and it's a heavy one at that and the inertia won't let you learn the cone weave properly cos once it's out wide or tight... it's gone... bringing it back it really hard even if you could..

    but I did find out a trick for the cone weave and the virago and it has made me do the weave almost 100% everytime now. The trick is to look ahead - at around the 3-4th cone and just focus on that and let your 'hindsight' (I guess) take care of the first 3 cones. for some reason that helped me complete the weave easily - I'm not not too sure if I'm hitting the cones with my back wheel or not.. ( hope not)
  20. Also a note on where to practice. When I was doing my test last week the instructors were talking about someone who had come just to do some practice, which they let him do. This was at HART St Ives.