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what is the fine for riding under suspension

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by patR1, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. just wondering what is he fine and extra suspension, if you ride while under suspension?

    Anybody know...

    p.s does anybody know where to buy those flip plates?
    you push a button and plate hides under the tail...

  2. If it's a court ordered disqualification, it's contempt of court which is an offence. It can include jail time.

    I wouldn't.
  3. Pat, Pat, Pat...

    How about just accepting the system as it is and learn from past mistakes..
    Sure, some laws suck but honestly what's better?
    Ride whenever you wish within the laws of the land or not ride at all.
    Not to mention the question of this thread could result in massive penalties and even jail time.

    Not much to think of really........
    Or are you really a troll in disguise?.........Geez
  4. Funny guy... :)
  5. Dont listen to these nancy boys Pat. All you need is one of these

    You'll never take me alive copper!

    The first batch turns up from the USA early next week. I'll be selling them at $149 and that includes fitting. Let me know if you want one.
  6. Seriously? Have you heard of subtlety???????

    The search function will prove useful to you, I just hope you haven't got your details plastered acrross the internet. Any facebook photos with your number plate showing?
  7. i once found a list with ALL the offences and related fines for victoria on the net, i lost the link but im going to find it tonight.

    i'll let ya know.
  8. I have a full licence and would like to know what is the implications of riding while disqualified are.
  9. street legal of course.

    How much effort will it take for a cozzer to search an infrigement of 111 in a 60 zone on lady wakehurst drive, vehicle honda vtr1000 red, on whatever weekend it was? I doubt there too many exactly like that.
  10. And it's got a P plate on it too! Nice =D>

    Hey, aren't you in enough trouble already Pat? How will you explain the time in the big house to your wife if you get caught? She'll look like this... :furious:
  11. Pat, just to give you an indication of how the matter is viewed...

    A mate of mine got knocked off his bike by a cager doing something ridiculously stupid (turning left from the right hand lane, something like that). Knocked him flat, totalled the bike, sent him off to hospital in an ambulance.

    Cager was completely at fault, however my mate happened to be riding while suspended at the time. When he gets to the hospital, it's not a doctor who's waiting for him, but a couple of cops. Talk about personalised service. Their interview started with "We're very disappointed in you, mate. _Very_ disappointed..."
  12. MY mate got 3 months jail for doing a burnout in a car whilst disqualified. He was not driving his car beforehand, just jumped into the drivers seat to do a burnout. Cops were hiding, saw the whole lot.
  13. No state
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